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Hatsan Torpedo 155 Air Rifle, Walnut

Hatsan Torpedo 155 Air Rifle, Walnut Air rifle
Review entered on 2012-08-06 14:52:54

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Cecil from USA on 2012-08-06
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Things I liked: Everything!!! This is one beautiful and accurate rifle. I got mine in .22cal, and am lucky enough to get a stock with an abundance of character in the wood. Even on non-shooting days, I sometimes take her out and lean her against my office wall and ogle over her. I had no problem finding the correct hold for this rifle to wring out the accuracy. The loading steps become fluid after you get in a rhythm. This, like most spring guns, requires the use of the “artillery hold”. If you are thinking you should hold the gun tight, you are already off to a bad/wrong start in my opinion. Like all air rifles you have to find the right pellet. I am also lucky enough to have just about every “reasonable” pellet PyramydAir sells (even some they don’t sell) to choose from in .177/.22/.25 calibers. My results more than likely always yields that popular Beeman/H&N (FTS, Kodiak/Barracuda) and JSB (14.3/15.9,18.1gr) pellets never disappoint. I have noticed that magnum spring guns tend to like the more robust skirts of the Beeman/H&N pellets, and the 14.66gr .22cal H&N FTT come in a variety of sizes from 5.53-5.55 if the Beeman FTS don’t work. But as we all know, all guns are different, and results may vary.

Things I would have changed: It doesn’t make any sense to complain about the weight, cocking effort (which normally corresponds to felt recoil affect), or overall size/length of this rifle, because it is all displayed right there in the specs. In my experience, most magnum spring guns tend to be heavier and/or longer than your average gun. They maybe could have shaved some ounces off that beautiful Turkish stock, or made the innards/metal less robust, but I’m not complaining. I am 6’+ and 220lbs. A shorter, and slimmer in the frame individual may have problems wielding this rifle. If I were pressed to find one thing to change, I wish they would have incorporated a scope mount base reminiscent of their older/other models that have more “weaver” (using this term loosely) slots, or incorporated a true weaver base. Even one more “weaver” slot toward the rear of the mounting base would be useful. I know there is a stop-pin hole at the rear of the mount and they supply a scope stop, but I’ll take a weaver slot over a stop-pin hole any day. No problem though, I just used an offset mounting setup to give me the eye relief needed for the scope I wanted to use, and its solid.

What others should know: I have been shooting air guns of various power plants and manufacturers over the years. Search PyramydAir and the entire web for other reviews on the Hatsan rifle you may be considering. and you will find a lot more positive feedback from all over the world than negative. Hatsan does not overly inflate their fps/speed ratings. Mine is shooting 14.66gr Beeman FTS from 920-930fps, and I have no doubts it will send 11.9gr RWS hobbies close to 1000fps (though I would never use such a light pellet with this power plant). Make sure you seat the pellets a little “deeper than flush” with the loading port of the barrel. Depending on the spring gun, I have noticed over the years a 10fps speed increase and/or more fps consistency than just loading pellets flush with loading ports. I have purchased numerous rifles from PyramydAir, but this rifle is the first one that prompted me to write a review. In my opinion this is not built to be a “fast” plinking, or carrying-through-the-woods-on-a-hunt air rifle. It is purposely built for sighting in with the right pellet, leaning by the back door of the house, and sending lead accurately at unwelcome pests/targets with authority greater than some PCPs. I have no issues plinking with her at a leisurely pace, which is my style shooting. Would I buy this rifle again, knowing what I know? You bet I would!!! I plan on adding a Model 125TH Nitro Piston or 135, and a BT65SB to my collection once I can find room in the gun safes.