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Customer Reviews by Dan from USA

Beeman HW97K air rifle

Beeman HW97K air rifle Air rifle
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By Dan from USA on 2013-07-23
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Things I liked: I am 49 years old, have been shooting air rifles and BB guns for 42 years.I have been on a journey, I've purchased 3 rifles, two springers, one nitro piston in as many weeks.I was not happy with the trigger in the Benjamin Trail NP 22. I purchased a trigger and it made a big difference. I then purchased a better scope, then I realized I should have spent the $130.00 extra right from the beginning. I spoke to Dan at pyramid and he suggested the Beeman HW97, the other rifles I bought are Christmas presents for my nephews, what a difference, all around. The gun is amazing, accuracy is so good, you realize how ,limited your ability to hold the rifle on target is. I will enjoy trying to shoot as well as this rifle shoots for a few years to come, I'm very happy with this weapon.

Things I would have changed: The only thing I would change is the safety, it's not positioned conveniently,especially if you are wearing gloves, this is being very nit picky, but that's the only thing I would change. I should have spent the extra money on the laminated stock, this gun warrants the investment. I was a little shy on my third attempt, wish I had gotten the laminate stock SS package.

What others should know: This gun likes many different styles of pellets, the other guns I've owned either liked wad cutters, or domes, or pointed, usually not all the shapes, if they are RWS this gun shoots them in the same hole, literally. I have not tested many brands at all, I had many cans of RWS and was very happy with there performance, no need to experiment yet. I have only had the gun for 2 weeks, probably put 600 rounds through it. I have not stretched out the master gunners flat nosed pellets beyond 30 yards, but up to it, they fly very accurately.