Date: 6/6/2020 4:31
Full Auto BB Guns

Full Auto BB Guns

From pistols, to air rifles, to submachine guns, not only are full-auto BB guns fun to shoot, but they’re also fairly inexpensive and follow the same rules and regulations as your other BB guns. These aren’t your classic Daisy Red Ryder guns, they’re pistols and rifles with full-auto capability, so you can just pull the trigger and empty the magazine at targets and cans. These airguns are designed for fun, including target practice and backyard plinking, especially with moving objects like swinging cans. Most of these guns have a semi-auto and full-auto selector switch that lets you get a little more precision than full-auto mode. You can get a full-metal gun for improved durability and a more realistic feel, or a replica of a popular current or historical military model.

Most of the airguns featured here are replica models designed to look and feel like realistic versions of classic and popular firearms. In fact, many people use their replica full auto BB gun as a much more affordable practice option than buying ammunition for the original gun. You can achieve the same feel and authentic features of an actual firearm while spending a lot less and avoiding most of the noise. You can even get weathered models that look like they’re actually old, without spending as much as it would cost to buy an antique. From replica rifles to easy-to-handle pistols, we’re sure you’ll find one that’s exactly what you’re looking for, so get your full auto BB gun today!