Date: 21/7/2018 13:7

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A Brief History of Daisy BB Guns

In 1880 watchmaker and inventor Clarence Hamilton had entered the windmill business. After inventing an innovated vane-less mill, he opened a factory to mass produce his invention.

The windmill business in Plymouth had seen better days, but across town, the Markham Air Rifle Company was creating a product that did sell--BB guns! Basing his design on the wooden guns that Markham produced, Hamilton created the first all-metal Daisy BB gun and went to the board of the windmill factory who had the furnaces capable of machining the metal parts. Once they fired the prototype, the General Manager exclaimed, "Boy, that's a Daisy!" and the name stuck.

By 1895, Daisy BB gun sales had reached far exceeded the failing windmill business, and the factory began to solely mass produce them in the now renamed Daisy Manufacturing Company. By the end of the 19th century, Daisy had beat out most of its competitors and dominated the airgun market.

In 1928 Daisy entered a collaboration with American Ball and standardized one of the most popular forms of airgun ammunition--BBs. In 1938 the company released the most famous Daisy BB gun of all, the Red Ryder, and furthered Daisy's status as a household name.

While Daisy BB guns captured the public's fascination with airguns, they have gone on to create a variety of products since their early days, and become widely known as a maker of entry-level air rifles and pistols. Their PowerLine Series air aimed squarely at a 16 and older market make great backyard plinkers. Daisy's Avanti line is aimed squarely at training and competition with the Daisy 499B labeled "The World's Most Accurate BB Gun".

At Pyramyd Air we are honored to help continue Daisy's mission of bringing airgunning to everyone! With our convenient search tool below, find the perfect Daisy BB gun, pellet rifle, or pistol for you!

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