Date: 19/3/2019 12:6

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Dan Wesson

When looking for an airgun built on a long tradition of excellence, Dan Wesson pellet pistols are just the thing. While the Dan Wesson brand wasn't introduced until 1968, it is worth noting that Wesson is the great-grandson of half of the true innovator of pistols, Smith & Wesson, so he knows a thing or two about this area. As a benchmark for excellence within the industry, Dan Wesson pellet pistols offer a superior shooting experience with a gun that is similar to the real thing in several ways. Made to look and feel the same, the pistol features metal barrels and rubber grips for an authentic look and feel in your hand. They are also high performing in their capacity as an effective way to hone your skills at target practice or can plinking.

We offer several choices for adding the superior craftsmanship of Dan Wesson pellet pistols to your arsenal. Their traditional revolver style cylinders are built to send 6 pellets downrange powered by CO2 to give them the speed they need for fast-paced shooting sessions. Perfect for target practice and plinking, these Dan Wesson pellet pistols let you hone your skills without the higher cost of more expensive ammunition. With such lifelike features as front and rear sights, textured grips, working eject rods, double and single action, and other elements of smart design, these pistols really have a lot to offer. From the manual safety to the detachable Weaver rail, these models cover all the basics and then some with their design. They are ideal for both more experienced shooters and those just getting started with airgunning. While many airgunners worry about the limited shooting capacity of a 6-pellet revolver, we offer included speed loaders in select models to help make the process faster, so you get back to shooting faster after each round. If you have any questions regarding these high-quality selections from the trusted Wesson name, please contact us for further assistance today.

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