Date: 30/9/2020 4:56

Evanix Air rifles


When it comes to airgunning, the right airgun can make a world of difference to how you perform, as well as how much fun you have when shooting. With our selection of Evanix air rifles, you get high performing options coupled with a fun to shoot design for the best of both worlds. Known as a fan favorite thanks to their sleek designs and innovative operations, Evanix air rifles are a great way to get started airgunning or upgrade your gear to something more modern.

We are pleased to bring you a carefully selected offering of the best of the best in Evanix air rifles. These PCP rifles offer both single shot and repeater styles in your choice of styles similar to a traditional hunting rifle or an AR-15 to help you get the best option for your preferences and shooting intentions. Ideal for target training, hunting, plinking, or just having fun, these Evanix air rifles are available for use with several caliber options including 0.45, 0.357, 0.30, 0.25, and 0.22 for an incredible range of options.

With maximum velocities ranging from 700 fps to an impressive 1176 fps, getting the power you deserve has never been easier than with these high performing options from one of the top names on the market today. With such features as adjustable buttstocks, built in air pressure gauges, weaver rails , and more, it is clear to see why so many airgunners are calling Evanix their go-to brand for their shooting needs. Whether you choose them for their powerful operation or their ease of use overall, rest assured every option is a great choice you can choose with absolute confidence. If you have any questions about these models, please contact us for further assistance. We are always happy to help!

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