Date: 19/10/2020 22:56

Umarex Airsoft accessories


Choosing the right pellet rifle for your needs and activities can seem overwhelming at first glance. With the help of our inventory featuring only the top brands in the industry today, rest assured every brand we feature is top notch and offers reliable features for your next training, competition, or plinking activity. With the selection of Umarex pellet rifles at the ready, you get the best in performance coupled with state of the art features to make sure every shot counts. As a manufacturer, Umarex has built their success on customer satisfaction by way of reliable products made with the needs of airgunners in mind. When looking for the right option for your needs, it is hard to beat what Umarex pellet rifles have to offer.

We are proud to feature a wide range of Umarex pellet rifles for your needs. Made with the same commitment to quality this manufacturer embodies all their products with, these rifles are a great way to up the power and performance of your gear at an affordable price. With a range of available calibers such as .22 cal/5.5mm and .177 cal/4.5mm, as well as velocities ranging from 510 fps to an incredible 1450 fps, these Umarex pellet rifles are versatile in their options while still maintaining impressive power with every shot.

One of the things that sets this manufacturer apart from others is their commitment to new innovations in the industry. For a prime example of this notion, look no further than their TNT gas piston. With a name like Turbo Nitrogen Technology (TNT), it is no wonder this aspect of design has people talking. This pellet propulsion system is a nitrogen filled gas piston which helps to lower the noise and vibration associated with firing. Another example of their innovation can be found in their patent-pending stock technology called Nucleus Rail Platform. This is an insulated receiver sheath with an integrated Picatinny rail which helps with vibration and scope movement in one. These are just a few of the innovations this manufacturer brings to the forefront with their products.

Choose from your choice of single shot or repeater to get the one best suited to your activities. These rifles can be used for everything from competitive play and hunting to target practice and plinking in the backyard. When it comes to sound, you will find options ranging from 2-low/medium to a 5-high which is important depending on where you will be using the gun. For backyard plinking or repeated firing for target practice, a quieter option is typically appreciated by the neighbors whereas you can get away with a louder model when hunting in the woods. Regardless of which feature is most important to you, these options have it all! If you have any questions, please contact us for further assistance today.

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