Date: 3/7/2020 19:23

Operating the Safety

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Parts of the pistol:

  • To put the pistol "On Safe," locate the safety directly behind the trigger. Push the safety from the left side all the way in (Fig. 1). The safety is not on unless it is pushed all the way in and the red ring around the safety is not showing. The pistol will not fire when "On Safe."
  • Even when the safety is "On Safe," you should continue to handle the pistol safely. Don't point the gun at anything you don't intend to shoot.
  • To take the pistol "Off Safe," push the safety slide forward. When you can see the red ring around the safety, the safety is "Off Safety." The rifle is now ready to fire. Do not ever point the air rifle at any person.

Cocking Your Air Pistol
  • Put the pistol "On Safe."
  • Open the bolt by rotating the handle 1/4 turn counterclockwise and pull back all the way until you hear two clicks and bolt stays rearward (Fig. 2).

Removing the CO2 Cylinder
  • Put the pistol "On Safe."
  • Hold pistol in one hand. With the other hand, slowly turn the filler cap counterclockwise, completely allowing the release of remaining CO2 through the action.
  • Pull the filler assembly from the action tube and remove the empty CO2 cylinder by pointing the muzzle of the air pistol down.

Installing the CO2 Cylinder
  • Put the pistol "On Safe."
  • Insert the new CO2 cylinder into the pistol with the small neck of the cylinder into the action tube first (Fig. 3).
  • Replace the filler cap assembly in the action tube. Be sure to screw the filler cap completely into place.
  • Point the pistol in a SAFE DIRECTION, cock the action, close and lock bolt, take pistol "Off Safe" and pull the trigger. This will pierce the CO2 cartridge and pistol will be fully charged. If not repeat cocking and firing the pistol until it expels CO2.

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