Date: 9/4/2020 23:55

Models 48 and 52 OWNER'S MANUAL. Operating

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Operating the Safety
  • Locate the safety directly at the end of the comression tube.
  • Push the safety slide forward. The safety is "Off Safety." The rifle is now ready to fire. Do not ever point the air rifle at any person.
Cocking Your Air Rifle
  • Pull the side lever back to the stop (Picture A). This action will cock the gun and open the breech.
  • During the cocking process the side lever is secured against back stroke.
  • The trigger and the safety engage automatically when the side lever has been moved to the most rearward position.
  • Before brinking back the side lever to its original position, release the cocking safety lever (Picture B) on the left side of the cylinder.
Main  |   Operating  |   Loading  |   Firing  |   Adjustments  |   Safety