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Sigma SW40F Airsoft Green Gas Pistol Owner's Manual

Sigma SW40F Airsoft Green Gas Pistol

Caliber: 6mm
Velocity: 310 fps
Loudness: 3-Medium
Barrel Length: 4.0
Overall Length: 7.75
Shot Capacity: 26
Barrel: Smooth bore
Front Sights: Blade and Ramp
Rear Sights: Fixed
Suggested for: Skirmishing
Action: Semiautomatic
Power Plant: Green Gas
Hop Up: Yes
Blowback: Yes
Material: Metal/ABS plastic
Ammunition: 0.2-0.25g
Body Type: Pistol
Weight: 1.5 lbs

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Sigma SW40F Airsoft Green Gas Pistol Operation
Sigma SW40F Airsoft Green Gas Pistol Dis-assembly / Assembly
Sigma SW40F Airsoft Green Gas Pistol Parts List

Sigma SW40F Airsoft Green Gas Pistol Operation

The merchandise can be inserted by regular gas | magazine or Co2 gas cartridge magazine.
6-A.Regular gas charging
Magazine up side down. Press gas bombe down to charge gas.
When overflow, it's full.
When overflow in the beginning of charging, adjust charging position anddirection to charge gas.

6-B.C02 cartridge:
Screw "bottom cover A" off by using minus screw driver.
Place "C02 gas cartridge B" inside the magazine.
Screw "bottom cover A" to push "C02 gas cartridge B" inside the magazine.
Notice: In order to extend magazine's life, don't leave C02 gas inside the magazine for a long time.

C02 magazine is not included

1.Pull the slide completely back then release the slide and a BB will be automatically chambered into the barrel.
3.When the magazine is emptied, the slide will be locked In the open position.
1.Reciprocal safety.
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Sigma SW40F Airsoft Green Gas Pistol Dis-assembly / Assembly

1 .Remove the magazine.
* Be careful not to let the magazine drop to the ground.
2.Pull slide back to cock hammer.
3.Press barrel stopper down and push slide forward to separate slide and body.
4.HOP-UP adjustment.
5.Mounting system/Silencer dis-assembly
1.Be careful the direction of recoil guide. 2.Assmble slid and body and pull slide back until you hear "click".
*Use hand to cock hammer in order to assemble slide and body easily.
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Sigma SW40F Airsoft Green Gas Pistol Parts Listt



This product is an airsoft airgun, it is to be purchased by person(s) age eighteen (18) years or older. Adult / parental supervision is required when used by any person under the age of eighteen.

Be responsible, check with your local law enforcement on airsoft airgun regulations.

Please read the operation manual and fully understand the safe handling of your airsoft airgun before use.

Pay special attention to your surrounding when using your airsoft airgun. Do not carry your airsoft airgun in public, in open view or concealled. Transport your airsoft airgun unloaded, in locked gun carrier / case. Do not brandish, point, or shoot at other people, animal. Or private properties. Such actions may be preceived by others (including law enforcement officer) as a threat and prompt to react accordingly.

U. S. federal regulation requires the orange marking ,do not remove, alter or impair marking. All warranty void if markings(s) are tempered.

Enjoy your airsoft airgun in firearm safety/ handling training, movie and theatrical production application, regulated airsoft sport at participating playing field and shooting range. Ask your airsoft dealer for details.

Store your airsoft airgun unloaded, remove batteries, discharged of any gas or spring tension. In a safe and locked location; out of the reach of. Children.

Do not disassemble or modify your AirSoft airguns. Doing so will void all warranty Service bu autherized centers only. Removal of the orange safety barrel marking is a federal offense.
Wear protective eye wear & face mask when using AirSoft airguns NEVER brandish ol fire AirSolt airguns at animal.
Or people beyond a certified and regulated AirSoft Sport arena.
Brandishing a gun in public is against the law. Serious consequences could arise.
Read and understand the operating and safety manual using your AirSoft airguns.
Be aware of you surroundings to avoid accidents. Do not look directly into the barrel to avoid accidental discharge of BB ALWAYS transport an AirSoft airgun inside a locked carrying case.
Make sure it's unloaded. Never carrying your AirSoft Sport Gun in open view. As a concealed weapon. Or brandish an AirSoft airgun In public.
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