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ASG Steyr AUG A1 6mm AEG Airsoft Rifle Owner's Manual

ASG Steyr AUG A1 AEG Airsoft Rifle with 1.5x optical scope


Caliber: 6mm
Velocity: 330 fps
Loudness: 3-Medium
Overall Length: 31.5
Shot Capacity: 330
Barrel: Smooth bore
Buttplate: Plastic
Suggested for: Skirmishing
Action: Semiautomatic/Full-auto
Safety: Manual
Power Plant: AEG
Single Shot Or Repeater: Repeater
Hop Up: Adjustable
Material: Metal/ABS plastic
Ammunition: 0.2-0.25g
Body Type: Rifle
Weight: 7.25 lbs

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Steyr AUG A1 AEG Airsoft Rifle Parts
Steyr AUG A1 AEG Operation

Steyr AUG A1 AEG Airsoft Rifle Parts

Not a toy. Adult supervision required. Misuse or careless use may cause serious injury or death. always wear eye-protection when using this product. Read and follow instructions carefully before use. This product is a high-powered Airsoft gun, recommended for adult use (18 years and up).
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Never aim or shoot at people or animals. Always set the selector on "safe" position (except when you are ready to shoot a target). Select a safe place for operating the Airsoft gun. Avoid shooting in public places. Always wear safety goggles when using your Airsoft gun.
Do not disassemble gun yourself. Always contact your local retailer. Do not look directly into the gun barrel. When transporting your Airsoft gun, always set the selector lever on "safe", and place the Airsoft gun in a case or bag.
Never shoot holding the Airsoft gun sideways as the BB pellets will curve. (This is du to the Hop-up system). Always use precision 6mm BB's for this Airsoft gun. Never use any used or damaged BB's..
Always treat the Airsoft gun as if it were loaded. Do not carry the Airsoft gun in open view. Always transport the Airsoft gun unloaded in a locked case. Do not openly brandish the Airsoft gun, as this may be perceived by others (including law enforcement units) as a threat, and cause prompt reaction.
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Steyr AUG A1 AEG Operation

Installing the battery
Take off the battery cover. Connect the battery to the gun and place the battery. After installing the battery attach the cover again.
Loading magazine
Push the Magazine Button and pull out the magazine. Open the cover plate on the Magazine. The Airsoft gun can now be loaded with 6mm BB's into the magazine. Close the cover plate then turn the gear until the sound change. Reinsert the magazine into the Airsoft gun, pushing it into the Airsoft gun until a click is heard.

Before using the airsoft gun, apply a few drops of silicone oil to the first BB in the magazine.

If the Airsoft gun fails to fire in Semi-mode, fire a few rounds in full-auto mode, and switch back to semi-auto.

If firing becomes slow, recharge the battery.

After using the Airsoft gun, remove the magazine and "dryfire" a few rounds in a safe direction. This keeps the spring from weakening and ensures that there are no BB's left in the Airsoft gun.

Hop-up adjustment
By applying a back-spin to the BB's when firing, the trajectory of the BB's can be altered in order to obtain better flight and precision of the BB's-referred to as the Hop-up system. There are two types of Hop-up systems; the fixed and the adjustable. The adjustable Hop-up system allows for fine-tuning the trajectory of the BB's.
To adjust the Hop-up, pull the cocking lever to reveal the adjustment lever. Gradually move the lever forward and fire a round or two to see the effect. Continue to adjust until the BB's fly straight/horizontally.

The hop-up funcation can be unstable the first 200-300 rounds after applying oil. Oil should be applied for every 10,000 rds fired.

Turning the hop-up dial excessively can cause the BB's to clog the Airsoft gun and damage the piston and gears. Reset the adjustment dial to normal and re-adjust the Hop-up.

Cleaning the barrel

Before cleaning the barrel reset the hop-up to the "normal" position, add a few drops of silicon oil in the chamber of the Airsoft gun (the BB entrance). Insert a fully loaded magazine into the Airsoft gun and fire off two to three magazines.

Use the cleaning rod as shown to clean out the barrel and remove any excess oil.

Cotton clotch (Length approx. 25-30mm.) Width approx. 10mm. Wind the cotton cloth around the cleaning rod. Hold at the leading end of the rod and insert it into the barrel while turning it.
Do not hold the road in the far end while inserting the barrel.

When maintaining the Airsoft gun or cleaning the barrel, always set the selector switch to "safe" or disconnect the battery.

Always return the hop-up adjustment dial to the "normal" position before cleaning the barrel or removing clogged BB's.

When removing the clogged BB's, always return the Hop-up dial to the "normal" position, to avoid damaging the chamber packing.

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Symptom Cause Action
The Airsoft gun will not fire The selector is set to "safe". Switch the safety selector to "fire".
The battery is not charged. Charge the battery
Battery connector is disconnected. Connect the battery connector.
The + and - of battery connector is reversed. Connect the poles correctly.
Fuse is blown out. Replace the fuse.
Poor electrical connection. Check contacts (Contact your local dealer).
The motor is turning but the Airsoft gun won't fire BB's are clogging the magazine or barrel. Remove clogged BB's from magazine or barrel.
Faulty gearbox. Contact your local dealer for repairs.
Failure of full or semi automatic firing Insufficient battery power Charge the battery
Poor electircal connection. Contact your local dealer for repairs.
BB misfeed from magazine. Eject the magazine and insert it properly.
If the Airsoft gun gets wet, stop operation immediately and disconnect the battery. Dry the main body of the Airsoft gun with a clotch or towel. Dry the battery and connector wires. Reconnect the battery and fire a few test shots. If the Airsoft gun fails to operate, contact your local dealer for repairs.
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