Date: 26/9/2020 10:40


Model S410 Classic & Carbine

Users Handbook

This handbook refers to S410S Classic & S410C Carbine models.






Hold securely in one hand and with the other turn the loading bolt and pull backwards until the first restriction is felt pull back further until the trigger mechanism engages this can be determined by the trigger blade 'kicking' forward at the end of the cocking stroke.


If the bolt is gripped as in the illustration with the thumb on the other side of the bolt knob, the cocking action is much smoother.




Note! It is very important that the loading bolt is pulled back to the correct position in one positive motion the magazine indexes to the next pellet position as the bolt is retracted and it is possible for a patial index if the bolt is not pulled back fully.


If you find the mechanism has not cocked completely but the magazine has indexed re-cock but before closing the bolt, remove the magazine and manually index it back

To the empty chamber. Replace the magazine and fire as normal if this procedure is not followed it is likely that you will load a second pellet into the barrel.



The rifle is now cocked and loaded, treat with caution.




Fully cock the rifle, grip the magazine as fig 1 and slide out of the bolt housing without lifting do not attempt to lift vertically as damage to the indexing spring will result.




Fully cock the rifle, grip the magazine as fig.2 and slide in the bolt housing applying downward pressure with the fore finger to keep the base of the magazine against the bottom of the slot in the bolt housing take care not to damage the indexing spring





Hold the magazine as in fig 3 and drop a pellet into the chamber. Manually index to the next empty chamber as in fig 4 and repeat until the magazine is full finally line up the red dot on the pellet carrier with the 'v' notch on the clear magazine cover.



Be very careful not to damage the indexing spring when demounting or mounting the magazine follow the instructions carefully.