Date: 9/8/2020 16:42
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Compressed air cylinder

The compressed air cylinder can be replaced at any time, even without being emptied by firing, and then refilled. (Refill cylinders from WALTHER, optional accessory).
Caution! The air to be used must comply with DIN 3188 (breathing air). The compressed air cylinders must not under any circumstances be subjected to temperatures in excess of 50 degrees C. No responsibility is accepted by us under the warranty for damage resulting from alterations to parts, from conversions, or from installation of parts not manufactured by the WALTHER company, or caused by noncompliance with the operating instructions.
Filling procedure
The technical regulations relating to pressurized gas must be complied with when filling the compressed air cylinder. The maximum permissible filling pressure is 300 bars and must be strictly observed. When refilling with compressed air, the statutory regulations of the respective country must be observed. Leaking cylinders and/or cylinders which are otherwise dangerously unsafe should not be filled and should be emptied safely. Screw an adapter onto the refill cylinder and tighten it. Then screw the compressed air cylinder onto the adapter and tighten it to hand pressure. Now open the cylinder valve for about 5 secs ., then close this valve, remove the compressed air cylinder, and screw it back onto the rifle. Compressed air cylinders must under no circumstances be stored or used if they contain more than their maximum permissible charge quantity.
Attention! The dismantling and installation of the compressed air cylinder and the pressure reducer must be done by authorized gunsmiths only.

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