Date: 24/1/2021 11:8
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Parts of the Air Rifle

1-Cheekpiece.2-Precision diopter. 3-Cocking lever. 4-Foresight element holder M18. 5-Barrel weight. 6-Compressed air cylinder. 7-Pressure reducer. 9-Butt plate. 10-Shaped grip. 11-Front stock. 12-Stock weight rear. 13-Stock weight front.

Cocking and loading the rifle.

Pull the cocking lever to its fullest extent, thereby opening the breech and cocking the trigger. Insert a pellet into the groove, then lock the breech. The rifle is now loaded and ready to fire.
Attention! Always handle the weapon in such a way that neither you nor bystanders are endangered.
Safety when the breech is open. When the breech is open, the firing pin is blocked.
Dry-practice trigger.
Select the dry-practice trigger only in cocked position. Use the rocker switch to change the position.
Setting A = Shooting position
Setting B = Dry-practice trigger

Cleaning the barrel.
Push the Perlon (wide) cord through the bore from the open loading gate, then attach 3 - 4 Single wicks to the loop and pull them through the barrel. Repeat this process until no further lead or oil deposits are found on the wick.

Main  |   Operating  |   Loading  |   Firing  |   Adjustments  |   Safety