Date: 30/10/2020 9:43
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The air gun has a firing range up to 300 meters. Maintain caution within this distance. Do not aim at people in this space. BB gun can be used for training and sport shooting, outdoor and indoor activities and for educational purposes.
Recommended BB's: Use only high grade steel BB's.
Recommended CO: Use only 12 gram CO, cylinders. Any attempt to use other sizes or cylinders containing other types of gases could be extremely dangerous. The use of gases other than CO2 could result in an explosion or could rupture the gun, causing serious injury.


Mechanical system CO2 Air Gun
Caliber .177 (4.5 MM)
Ammunition BB
Cylinder capacity 15 magazine
Total length 218 mm
Weight 0.99kg
Muzzle velocity UP to 150 m /Sec (490 FPS)
Function (12 g) CO2
Barrel length 125 mm (5")
Average Shots per CO2 Cylinder 60 Shots
Maximum shooting distance 300 Meters
Safety - thumb safety
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