Date: 16/1/2021 21:43
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Anics air gun

To remove the magazine from the pistol, push the magazine release level. Grasp the magazine butt and pull it down, away from pistol. Remove the magazine completely from the airgun.
2. After use, always remove the magazine from the air gun. Any BB remaining in the chamber will fall out of the air gun pistol grip once the magazine is removed.

3.To install a CO2 cartridge, unscrew the CO2 cartridge cover.
4. Remove a spent cartridge.
5. Place the new CO, cartridge firmly inside the grip. The sealed end of the cartridge should point toward the top of the air gun.
6. Replace the cover and screw it into place until it seems tight. To puncture the cartridge, continue twisting CO, cartridges sealed end is punctured and resealed against the air gun's inner seal mechanism.

1.Due to the different manufacturers faults some BB's are wider in diameter than standard size, therefore before loading BB's in the magazine, pour BB's into the barrel holding the gun with barrel end upwards. If BB's freely fall into the barrel all the way down then you can use them, if a ball gets stuck before entering the barrel it means the ball is fully and must be thrown away. This procedure MUST be conducted with all BB's before usage.
2.When loading the magazine please pay careful attention to picture in this instruction manual.
DO NOT FORCE the balls into the magazine, but after depressing the feed spring lever and fixing it to the right, push and hold the side lever on the top of the magazine to let BB's fall freely all the way down to the button of the magazine. Failure to comply with this procedure can lead to a premature wearing out of the magazine holds 15 BB's Do not attempt to load any objects other than BB's into the magazine.
3. Release the feed spring lever.

4. Before installation of the magazine.
5. Push the magazine inside the pistol grip until it locks into place. You should hear a click.
6.DO NOT keep magazine loaded with BB's when gun is not in use, because it can decrease the power of the spring and affect the pistol performance.
7.After removing the magazine from the grip with some BB's left in the magazine please pay careful attention to picture and SHAKE OUT any remaining BB's in the pistol. Failure to comply with this procedure can lead to the ball getting stock in the gun mechanism and malfunctioning of the pistol.

1. Before shooting, switch the safety mechanism to the firing position by pushing the Push Fire button. A red dot should be visible on the left side of the pistol. It means the pistol is primed for firing.
2. The rear sight can be adjusted to shoot higher or lower, leftward or rightward. Do not forget to fix the rear sight with the screw after adjustment. Move the rear sight back to make the BB hit higher on the target. Move the rear sight forward to make the BB hit lower on the target. If the BB hit the target leftward please move the rear sight to the right. If the BB hit the target rightward move the rear sight to the left. Use the combination of the adjustments if necessary.
3. Do not aim the air gun at anything you do not intend to shoot at. Do not aim the air gun at people.

1. Keep the pistol away from water, dust or other hazardous conditions. 2. Should the air gun get wet, unload it, remove the CO, cartridge and leave the pistol in a warm place for a few hours. The temperature should be no higher than 100 degrees Centigrade.
3. Oil the mechanism using any gun oil in the following places:
a. Place two or three drops of oil on the barrel. Keep the barrel in a vertical position while applying oil. Keep the pistol in this position for ten to fifteen minutes.
b. Place one or two drops in the hole between the trigger and the pistol body on each side. Keep the pistol upside down while applying oil here.
4. Regular oiling should be done after each 500 shots, but no less than once every six months.
5. If storing the pistol without use it for more than three months, we recommended removing the CO, cartridge.

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