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Anics air gun

To put the air gun to safe, find the safety button on the left side of the pistol. It will say Push Safe. Push the safety button all the way in. You will know the safety is engaged when NO red dot is visible, the safety is not on and the air gun will notf ire when trigger is pulled.

Safe handling of your pistol
It is your responsibility to be familiar with the safe and correct use of your pistol.
  • Always handle your pistol as if is loaded.
  • When loading your pistol, insure that the safety is ON, and do not put your finger near the trigger.
  • Use only the recommended Pellets and CO2 cartridges.
  • Always point the muzzle in a safe direction.
  • Remember that this is a high efficiency pistol capable of propelling a pellet over 400 yards.
  • Always check a gun to see if it is loaded when removed from storage or received from another person.
  • Never transport your pistol when loaded.
  • Do not aim at people or pets. Never shoot at a hard surface or water.
  • Be sure that your target and backstop are safe.
  • Make sure you can control the direction of the muzzle if you stumble or fall.
  • Unload your airgun before giving it to another person.
  • Always wear shooting glasses when shooting your pistol.
  • Always store your pistol in a secure location out of the reach of children or unskilled users.
  • Store your pellets and C& cartridges in a separate location.
  • When transferring this pistol be sure to include this instruction manual.
  • Repairs to this pistol should only be done by Anics authorized service.
  • Never leave a loaded gun unattended.
Use and handling Of CO2 cartridges
Certain conditions such as improper storage or very rapid firing can negatively effect the efficient performance of your CO2 pistol.
1. Do not store your pistol in an area of unusually high or low temperature. High temperature can cause incresed pressure in the CO2 cartridge leading to a malfunction or permanent damage to the pistol. Low temperatures can reduce pressure in a CO2 cartridge leading to weak shots. Do not leave your gun unattended in bright sunlight. The C02 cartridge can get too hot and explode, damaging the gun and injuring or killing anyone nearby.
2. Rapid-fire shooting will quickly chill a CO2 cartridge leading to reduced pressure and pellet velocity.
3. Rapid fire shooting leads to reduced shooting efficiency.
4. As the cartridge loses pressure you will notice several characteristics:
A) The sound of the actual shot will not be as loud.
B) Pellet impact will be lower on the target.

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