Date: 29/10/2020 4:22

Beretta 92 FS Owner's Manual


Power source Repeating Spring Powered
Caliber/Ammunition 6mm Round BBs
Magazine capacity 12 BBs
Total length 8.5 inches ( 21.59 cm)
Velocity 307 ft/sec
Weight 16 oz (.453 kg)

Dissasembling (taking apart) this soft product voids all warrant. Product must be returend in its original packaging.
Federal law prohibits altering or removing the orange marking or painting over the transparent part of this product.
Do NOT use 6mm paintballs with this airsoft unit as this may ruslt in jamming and will void warranty.

-Store the gun unloaded and do not look down the barrel (treat as if loaded).

-Never aim at a person, shoot fragile objects, or point at anything you do not wish to shoot.

-Keep finger off the trigger until ready to shoot and use eye protection

-Keep out of reach of children.

-Only use .12 g and .20 g BBs

Pictures are not contractual. Pictures shown with a black model but representation and understanding remain similar with all black, silver, and/or clear version series.

-To remove the magazine, press the release (1) located on the left side of the grip. Slide the mgazine out.

-Load the magazine using the included Speed Loader and the appropriate grade airsoft ammo. The maxiumum capacity is 15 rounds.

-Insert magazine in receptacle.

-In order to fire, you have to cock the gun: pull the slide backward as shown and release.

-Pull the trigger.

-Once finished shooting, make sure the rifle is stored empty of any ammunition, magazine removed.