Date: 26/9/2020 11:14

Cannon-737 Air Rifle

Cannon Air Rifle
A Creation of high quality air rifle that is made from a high quality material; supported with modern machinery. Easy operational; lightly; simple mechanisms is the Feature-of Cannon.
Fig I
1. Cock it moderately (the more you cock the further the distance)
2. Press the key plate down word so that the bolt will be ejected automatically
3. Insert bullet (as fig 2) to it's slot.
4. After inserting, press bolt -forward to it's previous position.
Lubrication is one the most important feature in using air rifle. Lubrication system wool (so that the lubricant will spread evenly into the pipe) that made the cocking effortless and flexible. Lubricate the air rifle moderately on both pin and wool if the cooking is hard. Use lubrication oil with the SAE 30 standard.
Note: Avoid Using other standard of lubricating.

Adjusting up and down
Turn disk A clock wise so that the slot will move down to lower target. If the disk turned anti clock wise, the target slot will move to upper target.

Adjusting Left and Right
Turn side disk B clock wise so that the slot will move left, if the disk turned anti clock wise, the target slot will move to the right.
Safety System

Safety system on canon air rifle is completed with trigger lock which designed so simple to give easier access on operation
1. Press the trigger lock's button (on left-hand side) in order to lock the trigger.
2. To release, press the trigger lock's button from the opposite side.
Spare Parts
1. Piston Pin
2. Guide Piston
3. Wool Ring
4. Barrel tube
5. Pump Rod
6. House pump Washer
7. Pump Washer
8. Rear Sight base
9. a. Air tube
    b. Oring
10. Inlet valve
11. Conus Spring
12. Defense Ring
13. Oring
14. Oring
15. Barrel
16. Oring
17. Bolt
18. Spring
19. Assembly Nut
20. Assembly Screw
21. Assembly Bolt
22. Tube Closing bolt
23. Defense Ring
24 Exhaust spin air
25. Defense Pipe
26. Exhaust valve spring
27. Trigger Stopper Pin
28. Bumper
29. Trigger
30. Trigger Guard
31. Muzzle Lock
32. Trigger Guard Screw
33. Trigger Pin
34. Pipe Closing bolt
35. Sear
36. Acceptor
37. Spring acceptor
38. Pin
39. Key Plate
40. Bolt button
41. Bolt

Front side
A. Cylinder head
B. Spring Pin
C. Snap Ring + Pin