Date: 17/1/2021 19:42

Challenger 2000: Adjusting the Stock

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  • Make sure your air rifle is "On Safe."
  • Loosen the two clamp screws loacted below the cheek piece using a 5/12 Allen head wrench.
  • Cheek Piece: Pull up on the cheek piece to adjust for height. When adjusting the height of the cheek piece downward, make sure your hand is palced on top of the cheek piece only, so that you do not pinch your fingers.
  • Butt Pad:For Horizontal adjustment, pull out on the butt pad. For vertical adjustment, loosen the butt pad screw using a 2/32 Allen head wrench. Slide butt pad up or down for desired position. NOTE: A butt pad-locking pin has been provided to comply with some shooting regulations that prohibit vertical butt pad adjustment. A viewing port has also been provided to allow for vicual verification of the use of a butt pad-locking pin. The butt pad locking pin is stored inside the butt pad, the butt pad must be removed.

Adjusting Trigger Over-travel
To ensure crisp, consistent action of the trigger, a set screw has been incorporated into the trigger guard to limit onver-travel. This screw has been preset at the factory for optimum results. If the action of the trigger becomes inconsistent, you will need to reset the screw.
  • Make sure your air rifle is unloaded, degassed, and "On Safe."
  • Turn the set screw with a 3/32 Allen head wrench until the bottom of the screw is flush with the bottom of the trigger gueard.
  • Cock he air rifle, point the air rifle in a SAFE DIRECTION, take "Off Safe" and fire. If the air rifle does not fire, turn the set screw counterclockwise in 1/2 turn increments until it fires.
  • Put the air rifle is "On Safe."
Main  |   Operating  |   Loading  |   Firing  |   Adjustments  |   Safety