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COLT OWNER'S MANUAL: Inserting and changing the CO2 cartridge

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Inserting a CO2 cartridge
Note: Use only 12 g C02 cylinders! Do not use cylinders containing other gases!
Press the grip release button on the left side of the trigger housing (Fig. 3.1) to lift off the grip on the right-hand side (Fig . 3.2). Open the cylinder pressure plate and unscrew the cylinder adjustment screw all the way (Fig. 3.3). Insert a cylinder into the butt with the narrow end first (Fig. 3.4), Screw the cylinder adjustment screw back up to push the cylinder up, and then close the cylinder pressure plate (Fig. 3.5). The C02 cylinder is now pierced and sealed. Put the grip back on by positioning the lugs on the grip in the holes in the butt frame and pressing the grip on.
To make sure the cylinder has been properly pierced, check to make sure that the pistol is unloaded, disengage the safety and shoot in a safe direction. If the pistol will not fire repeat the cylinder loading procedure as described above.
Remove the CO2 cartridge
Put the safety on (thump safety in upper position). Hold the pistol by the butt with one hand. With the other hand open the cylinder pressure plate. Now press the grip release button (Fig. 3.1) to lift off the grip (Fig. 3.2). Unscrew the cylinder adjustment screw all the way (Fig. 3.3). You can now remove the cylinder.

Loading and unloading

Loading the pistol
Put on the safety (thumb safety in upper position).
- Open the slide by pushing down the slide release (Fig. 4.1). Hold the pistol horizontally so that the drum doesn't fall out.
- Take out the drum and load it with .1 77 (4.5 mm) cal. pellets. Insert them into the chamber head-first (Fig. 4.2).
  To prevent malfunctions make sure that the base of each pellet is flush with the back of the chamber or slightly deeper.
- Place the drum in the pistol (Fig. 4.3) and close the slide by grasping the front hatching and pushing it closed until it catches (Fig. 4.4).

B. Unloading the pistol
- Put the safety on, (thumb safety in upper position).
- Open the slide by pushing the release lever downward (see illustration 4.1).
- Remove the pellet cylinder and carefully push the pellets out of the cylinder with the cleaning rod.
- Make sure that there is no pellet in the barrel.
- If there is a pellet in the barrel, push it out with the cleaning rod.
- Never shoot with a used pellet. It could damage cylinder and barrel.

Double Action/ Single Action
The pistol will function in either double-action or single-action mode.
To fire in double action, apply steady pressure to the trigger until the pistol fires.
To fire the gun in "Single Action" means that the internal striker has to be manually cocked prior to firing. Grip the rear part of the slide and pull it back, then release it and allow to move back forward. Then pull the trigger.
For rapid-fire shooting we recommend the double- action mode, for more precise aimed shooting we recommend the single-action mode.
If a pellet fails to be shot after execution of the operation steps mentioned before this could be due to a feed jam.
  • Put the safety ON covering the inscription "Fire".
  • Open the slide and remove the pellet cylinder.
  • Check that each pellet is properly inserted in the cylinder.
  • Check the barrel with the cleaning rod to insure that no pellet is lodged in the barrel.
  • Close and lock the slide without replacing the pellet cylinder.
  • Aim in a safe direction, turn the safety OFF and shoot the pistol to test the CO2 pressure.
  • If no CO2 pressure is evident, change the CO2 cartridge.

    Main | Adjusting | Safety

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