Date: 31/10/2020 17:28

Crosman Model AS2250 CO2 Airgun OWNER'S MANUAL

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Loading Pellets
    Note: Use .22 caliber pellets only. Never reuse pellets. Use of any other ammunition can cause injury to you or damage to the air gun.
  • Put the air gun "On Safe."
  • Point the airgun in a SAFE DIRECTION.
  • Push bolt handle up and pull all the way back until you hear two clicks (Fig. 4).
  • With the bolt in the open position, place one pellet, nose first, into the loading port (breech)(Fig. 4). This is a single shot pellet airgun. Load no more than one pellet at a time.
  • Lightly push the pellet into the barrel by closing the bolt and pushing the bolt handle down to lock. DO NOT jam the bolt forward. This will damage your airgun.
  • Be sure bolt is closed before firing. If it is not closed and fully locked, the pellet may not be discharged.

Unloading Pellets
    Note: The airgun must be charged with CO2 when following these steps but remember, do not store your airgun with a CO2 tank in it.
  • Air the airgun in a SAFE DIRECTION, take it "Off Safe" and fire. You may also unload your airgun by following the directions listed under Removing Jammed Pellet.

Removing a Jammed Pellet
  • Put the airgun "On Safe."
  • Remove the CO2 cylinder.
  • Empty and remove the CO2 tank.
  • Open the bolt.
  • Insert a cleaning rod or ramrod of the proper size into the barrel. (Start at the muzzel).
  • Push the jammed pellet into the pellet loading port (forward of the bolt)(Fig. 5).
  • Do not try to reuse that pellet.
  • If you are not able to unjam your air rifle by following the unloading procedure, take no further action. Crosman Corporation or an Authorized Service Station will unjam your air rifle.

Main  |   Operating  |   Loading  |   Firing  |   Safety