Date: 23/1/2021 18:39

Crosman Model AS2250 CO2 Airgun OWNER'S MANUAL

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Parts of the Air Rifle

Operating the Safety
To Put the Air Rifle "ON SAFE"
  • Locate the safety directly behind the trigger.
  • Push the safety from the left side all the way in. The safety is not "On Safe" unless it is pushed all the way in and the RED dot on the safety is not showing. The air rifle will not fire when "On Safe."
  • Even when the safety is "On Safe," you should continue to handle the air rifle safely. Do not ever point the air rifle at any person.
To Take the Air Rifle "OFF SAFE"
  • Push the safety from the right side all the way in. The air rifle is ready to fire when "Off Safe."
  • When you can see the RED ring around the safety, the air rifle is "Off Safe" and can be fired.

Installing the AirSource CO2 Tank
  • Put the air gun in the "On Safe" position.
  • Remove protective cap from AirSource CO2 cylinder.
  • Screw AirSource into the piercing assembly until hand tight.
  • Place re-useable protective skin on the AirSource CO2 cylinder. Your gun is now charged.

Removing the CO2 Cartridge
  • Put the air rifle "On Safe"
  • Remove and save the re-useable protective skin from the AirSource cylinder.
  • Turn AirSource CO2 cylinder slowly counterclockwise to allow any remaining CO2 gas to escape. Avoid contact with the escaping CO2, as it can cause frostbite. Take special care if you are removing an AirSource cylinder which is full, as much more CO2 gas will need to be released.
    NOTE: You should use only Crosman or Game Face brand 88 gram AirSource CO2 tanks. They are made to fit the Model AS2250 airgun. Powerlets and other brands of CO2 tanks may not fit properly and if you force them into place it may result in injury to you or damage to your air gun. Never try ot force any CO2 tank into or out of place. We recommend you do not store your airgun with a CO2 tank on it. If you know you will not be using your airgun for extended period of time, empty the CO2 tank and remove it from the airgun.

Main  |   Operating  |   Loading  |   Firing  |   Safety