Date: 20/5/2019 7:38

Daisy 880 Series: Loading

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Loading BB's
To Fill Magazine: The loading door is located on the left side of the recevier. Push door down and fill magazine wiwth approximately 50 BB's. Do not overfill or the feed system may not opereate properly.
  • With the bolt handle back and BB's in the magazine, RAISE the muzzle of the gun 45 degrees to 90 degrees. Be sure the front sight is pointed upward since the gun may not feed properly if it is on its side (See No. 4A).
  • A BB can be seen on the magnetic tip by looking into the loading port. If a BB does not feed onto the magnetic tip when the muzzle is raised, shake the gun slightly.
  • Push bolt handle fully forward and the BB is in firing position.

To Empty Magazine
  • Open bolt and put trigger safety "On."
  • Open the BB magazine door, cup your hand over it andt ilt the gun fully to the left side.
  • Shake gun until all BB's are removed.
  • Then remove BB from loading port.
  • To make certain no BB's remain, raise muzzle, shake well and work bolt forward and all the way back several times removing any BB's that appear.
Loading Pellets
  • With the bolt back and BB's removed from the magazine advance the bolt forward until the magnetic tip is visibly even with the rear edge of the pellet loading port.
  • Lower the muzzle and load a pellet, solid end forward (See No. 5)
  • Push the bolt handle fully forward and the pellet is chambered in the firing position.
  • Do not allow a pellet to fall into the rear of the loading port and become jammed in the BB feed hole. If this occurs, have a qualified gunsmith remove the left reciever and clear the loading port or return gun to Daisy.

Unloading Pellets
  • The magnetic tip does not extract a pellet. You must shoot the pellet out if a safe target is available.
  • If a safe target is not availabe, open bolt, put trigger safety "On," isert a cleaning rod in the muzzle end and push the pellet out of the barrel.
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