Date: 15/7/2020 14:16

Daisy 880 Series: Operating

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Operating the Safety

To Open Bolt
  • Pull straight back on bolt handle, pulling it fully to the rear (See No. 1A). The gun cannot fire with bolt open.

To Close Bolt
  • Close bolt by pushing fully forward on the bolt handle to chamber either a BB or pellet and lock the bolt.
To Put the Air Rifle "ON SAFE"
  • The bolt must FIRST be opened, then the trigger safety is pushed from the left to right so that NO red is showing (See No. 1B).
  • The air rifle will not fire when "On Safe." Even when the safety is "On Safe," you should continue to handle the air rifle safely. Do not ever point the air rifle at any person.
To Take the Air Rifle "OFF SAFE"
  • When you are certain of the target and the surrounding area is safe, take trigger safety "OFF" by pushing from right to left so that red is exposed. Your gun is now cocked and ready to shoot. In this condition, it should be handled with extreme care.
Pumping Your Air Rifle
  • The bolt must be opened to pump gun. For greater safety, keep bolt open while pumping and close only when the barrel can be pointed in a safe direction.
  • With the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, pump the gun the desired number of times up to 10.
  • Note: Do not pump your gun more than 10 times. Muzzle energy increases production by more than 10 pumps are minor and increased pumping will damage your gun.
  • Be sure to grasp pump handle firmly as you close the lever to prevent it from snapping back and causing possible injury.
  • Do not open the bolt, close the bolt, then pull the trigger before pumping .This procedure can result in a loaded gun and projectile being expelled from the gun during pumping.

Main  |   Operating  |   Loading  |   Firing  |   Adjustments  |   Safety