Date: 24/11/2020 13:17

Domin8or. Adjustments

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Power Adjustment

Make sure that the adjuster wheel is positive in one of the three detents before firing the rifle.

1 - Forward Position
2 - Middle Position
3 - Rearward Position

Adjusting The Power

The Logun Domin8or is fitted with a power adjuster wheel that has three power levels.

The forward position (1) gives low power, the middle position (2) gives medium power and the rear position (3) gives full power. Ensure that the adjuster wheel is fully engaged into one of the three grooves before firing otherwise the required power will not be achieved.

Adjusting Trigger

The trigger is factory set for safe usage, however, should you wish to alter the factory setting the mechanism is fully adjustable. To adjust the trigger, firstly remove the action from the stock.

NOTE: Always ensure the rifle is not loaded before proceeding with any alterations to the trigger. NEVER attempt to remove the trigger mechanism from the rifle.

Screw A: adjusts the first stage length of pull and the second stage rear engagement. If you turn screw A clockwise you will decrease the length of the first stage travel, turning it counterclockwise will increase it.

WARNING: If you turn screw A too far clockwise, it will eliminate the second stage and prevent sear engagement.

Screw B: adjusts the second stage sear engagement and releases weight. IF you turn screw B clockwise it increases the amount of sear engagement and increase weight, turning counterclockwise will decrease it.

WARNING: If you turn screw B too far counterclockwise it will result in too light a trigger with no second stage.

Screw C: adjusts the safety catch and should be adjusted so it prevents the trigger from traveling and firing the rifle when it is set in the safe position.

WARNING: screw C must always be checked and if necessary adjusted after any alterations have been carried out to the trigger settings. Failure to do so can result in an inert and non-functioning catch.

Main  |   Operating  |   Loading  |   Firing  |   Adjustments  |   Safety