Date: 11/8/2020 12:31

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Operating the Safety

In addition to utilizing the safety catch, a loaded and cocked rifle can be made safe by pulling back the cocking lever and removing the magazine. Then, by pulling the trigger and pushing the lever forward, the rifle will de-cock.

CAUTION: When de-cocking the rifle, be aware that a pellet may still be loaded in the breech. If the magazine is unintentionally indexed, follow either of the following procedures:
  • With the cocking lever fully back, manually rotate the magazine clockwise until the empty chamber is back in line with the barrel, then push the cocking lever forward.
  • Remove the magazine from the rifle, push the lever forward, point the rifle in a safe direction and when safe to do so, fire the rifle. Refill the magazine and re-fit to the rifle.
When the rifle is not in use, ensure that a pellet has not been loaded into the barrel, remove the magazine and leave the lever forward and un-cocked.

Charging The Rifle
  • Fit the supplied probe charging connector to the air hose of your charging equipment.
  • Ensure both the filler hole and the probe are free from dirt before pushing the probe into the filler hole. Push the probe up to the shoulder to ensure correct filling.
  • With the probe securely fitted, fully charge the rifle to the recommended cylinder pressure for your rifle's caliber. Overcharging will result in a loss of power and could damage the internal seals.
  • When charging is complete, 'bleed' the excess air from the hose using the hose's drain screw and pull the probe out of the rifle.

Unscrewing Main Buddy Bottle
NOTE: It is highly recommended that the buddy bottle should not be removed, see below for charging instructions:

The main buddy bottle is charged using the probe at the front of the rifle at the same time as the front receiver is charged. If you wish to remove the buddy bottle firstly unscrew the front receiver 3 full turns, this will close the internal valve. The main buddy bottle can now be unscrewed. Failure to carry out this procedure will cause all the air in the front receiver to dump.