Date: 4/12/2020 0:1

Drulov RADA Air PISTOL. Adjustments

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Sight Adjustment

  • The rear sight leaf may be laterally or vertically adjusted by turning the serrated screw hands (6 and 7) located on the right and left hand sife of the rear sight assembly.
  • The letters engraved on top of the assembly indicate the direction of adjustment. Turning the screw head by one click shifts the point of impact by 3mm at 10 meters.

Trigger Position

  • The trigger is fitted on to the devetailed trigger bar. The trigger position may be adjusted whithin a range of 8mm by releasing the screw (12) and shifting the trigger into a convenient position. Be sure to tighten the screw again.

Trigger Pull Weight

  • The screw located in front of the trigger guard serves to adjust the trigger pull from 3N to 7N. Turn it clockwise to increase, the reverse to decrease. Never apply force when making adjustments. If you try to set the trigger pull too low, the trigger will frequently remain stuck in the rear most position after discharge. In this case, turn the screw (9) clockwise until reliable functioning is restored.

Trigger Stop and Trigger Pull Length

  • The trigger stop and trigger pull are controlled by the two screws (10 and 11) located behind the trigger.
  • First, turn the pistol upside down. Turn screw 11, the trigger stop screw, clockwise to reduce the play after discharde and the reverse to increse the play.
  • Turn the trigger pull length adjustment screw, screw 10, clockwise to reduce, the reverse to increase.
  • An audible click indicates the trigger has engaged the matching part of the trigger assembly. After that, it is recommended the screw is turned another 90 degrees to achieve both shortest trigger pull length as well as reliable operation of the trigger.
Main  |   Loading/Firing  |   Adjustments  |   Safety