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Echo 1 VMG-74 Owner's Manual


Power Source Electric
Fire mode/s Semi / Full Auto
Muzzle Velocity 420 fps
Effective Range 180 ft ( 54.86m)
Rate of Fire 800 RPM
Weight 6.75 lbs (3.06 kg)
Length 28.25 - 37.5 inches (.718 - .953m)
Magazine Capacity 500 6mm BBs

1. Charging the Battery (Battery and Charger Sold Seperately)

Use the specified battery for the gun. 8.4 V, 1100mAh Hyper Command Mini Battery Hyper Command Mini Battery. Avoid use of non-standard or other brand name batteries. Otherwise, the originally designed functions will not be obtained.






Caution: The SD and Mini Battery can not be used.

-Use the specified battery charger which is applicable to the above battery. The charger Exclusive Type ac Speed Charger.
-The battery's capacity power is increased with the use of the Exclusive (battery) Discharger (sold seperately).
-Use the correct battery and charge according to respective instruction manuals. We will not be held responsible for any accidents or damage carsed by wrongful operation or usage of non-specified batteries.

2. The Name of The Parts

3. Selector Lever and Safety Setting

To prevent malfunction of the switch do not change the selector lever from semi to full auto while pulling the trigger.

Caution: Set the selector lever correctly in position, otherwise malfunction may occur.






Safety Setting (the trigger cannot be pulled)

When you are not firing the gun or during storage always set the selector to the safe position.

Fully Automatic (automatic firing)

The gun will fire automatically while the trigger remains pulled.

Semi Automatic

The gun will fire one shot each time the trigger is pulled.















4. Setting the Battery (Set the battery after charging)

1. Press the upper cover catch button and upper cover pop-up automatically.

2. Connect the battery to the cord that is accesible from the hole under the rear sight. Press in the battery with its protrusion facing to the left.

3. Reinstall the reciever top in the reverse order of removal procedure in step (1). Align the lead edge of reciever top to the groove under the rear of reciever top, aligning to the groove shown below.

Caution: When reciever top is set correctly, the catch button ejects out.

5. Setting the Magazine

1. Open the cover of the magazine.
2. Insert 6mm BB bullets into the loader (500 bullets can be loaded.

3. Replace the magazine cover.
4. Move the gear with hand clockwise until it is fully wound, and the bullets will be sent up automatically. (It can send about 150 rounds automatically.)



















5. Set the magazine upward. Install the magazine illustrated.

1. First set the front.

2. Press the rear.

3. Press the release lever towards the trigger to lock.





Magazine Stopper Relief Rib
Slide the rib in the arrow direction to remove remaining BB bullets. (Be careful BBs may jump out.)

6. Basic Troubleshooting

Symptom Cause Action
Impossible semi-auto operation (single shot) Insufficient battery power Charge the battery.
Automatic firing cycles become long Insufficient battery power Charge the battery.
Shooting distance becomes shorter Worn or damaged chamber packing Consult your dealer or us for overhaul maintenance or repair. Replace the chamber packing, piston packing (O-ring) and piston assembly.
Worn or damaged piston packing (O-ring)
Deteriorated piston spring
Faulty BB bullets (too small or heavy) Use the genuine BB bullet.
Faulty gear. Purchase the replacement gear from your dealer and repair.
Gear problem caused by too much blank firing or damaged gear. Consult your dealer or us for overhaul maintenance, part replacement (gear, etc.) or repair.
Too loud operating noise Warn or damaged gear
Gear problem caused by too much blank firing
Bullets begin falling out from barrel end Worn or damaged chamber packing
No hop setting. Turn the hop adjustment lever toward HOP.
Faulty BB bullets (too small) Use the genuine BB bullet.
Being wet or dropped into water (rain) Stop operation immediately, disconnect the battery, wipe off water from inside the main body and the battery, and, after completely dry, carry out the trial firing. If no operation or malfunction is detected, consult your dealer and repair.




























7. Variable Hop Up System

By producing a back-spin to the BB bullets, this system allows for straighter and l;onger distance shooting than a normal air gun. Unlike the fixed type, the variable hop up system permits one-touch adjustments using the dial and lever, making it an ideal hop up system.

- Adjustment Procedure (adjust by carrying out trial firing)
Gradually turn the adjustment dial towards Hop to give hop up to bullets. (The best setting is where bullets fly horizontally.)

- Turning excessively adversly affects the trajectory. Stop turning the hop adjustment lever when bullets fly horizontally.

- The best position is where the bullets fly horizontally, and the longest flying distance is obtained.

Operational Caution:

- Moving the lever too much towards HOP causes bullets to clog. Firing the gun with clogged bullets damages the piston and gears.

- If bullet clogging occurs, immediately stop firing the gun, return the hop lever to the Normal Positioning and remove clogged bullets using the cleaning rod.

- Make sure to return the hop adjustment lever to the Normal position when removing clogged bullets or cleaning. (Otherwise, the chamber packing is damaged.)

- Never use used or dirty bullets. (Otherwise, the chamber becomes dirty, resulting in unstable hopping up)

- When about 10,000 rounds are fired, spray silicone oil into the chamber for .5 to 1 sec. The hopping up operation may be unstable for 200 to 300 rounds after spraying the silicone oil. This is the normal operation of the gun.

- If the hop-up is adjusted excessively causing clogging of bullets, immediately stop operating the gun. Return the lever to Normal, fire 2 or 3 shots and readjust.

- Since a precision tight barrel is used, use of dirty bullets or those with burrs causes clogging of bullets and possible fatal damage to the mechanical box and system.

- Never hold the guun side ways as the BB bullets will curve right or left. This is due to the HOP-UP system.

8. Maintenance

1. Fuse Replacement Procedure

2. Removing obstructed bullets

-Insert the cleaning rod into the bore. Be careful so that the angled part of the cleaning rod faces down, and remove clogged bullets.

Caution: Make sure to insert the cleaning rod AFTER returning the hop up lever to the Normal position. (Hop-OFF)

3. Maintenance When Bullet Speed Becomes Low

- Cut the cotton to the size shown. Adjust length accordingly so that it can be inserted smoothly into the barrel.

- Hold at leading end of the rod and insert the rod into the barrel while turning the rod.

- Drop a few drops of silicone oil or Teflon oil from the bullet entrance, insert BB bullets into the magazine and fire bullets equivalent to 1 or 2 magazines.

- To complete the cleaning use the cleaning rod (with cotton) to remove excess oil.

4. Fine Adjustment of Gear Engagement
Only conduct when motor noise becomes high after operation for a long period of time.

- Remove the screw from the grip bottom.

- Insert M3 hexagon wrench into the screw hole to adjust. Hold the grip during adjustment. Otherwise, the main body will drop since the grip set screw is removed.

It is recommended to lock the adjustment screw by a screw locking agent or instantaneous adhesive after afusement of the motor position is complete.
Be careful not to overly tighten the screw as it will damage the gun.

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