Date: 26/9/2020 1:56

Gamo HUNTER air rifle Owner's Manual

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To clean the rifle barrel, always open the barrel in the same way as when loading it. Use the appropriate calibre cleaning rod, rod tip, patches, and bore brush with gun solvent and oil to clean your rifle. Insert the cleaning rod with cleaning attachments from the muzzle. Remember you should never use lubricating oil in the barrel. It is helpful if you occasionally apply a small amount of special GAMO oil to the barrel pivot, the two cocking-lever pivots, and the trigger pivot. NEVER apply oil to the breech or into the cylinder You should also clean the outside metal parts with oil to prevent them from rusting.

NEVER put any oil inside the barrel or the chamber. The resulting combustion could cause irreparable damage to your rifle and seriously harm yourself and other people.

Main | Adjusting | Loading | Cleaning | Safety