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Owner's manual HW45

Weihrauch Guns
Proven millions of times over WEIHRAUCH Air Guns are reliable sporting guns by virtue of their precision. In design they meet the highest standards placed on modern air guns today.
Every WEIHRAUCH Air Pistol is sighted in with extreme precision at a range of 10 metres with Diabolo (waisted) pellets; the original target grouping is included with each gun. If you handle and take care of this sporting and target pistol properly it will give you considerable pleasure and success.
Before handling any weapon, first thoroughly familiarize yourself with its functions and handling procedure by carefully reading the instruction manual. Get also instructions from a competent firearms instructor before using any gun.
Every time you handle a gun you should check it for ammunition. Never take somebody's word that the gun is unloaded. Always check for yourself! Point the muzzle in a safe direction and cock the hammer to release cocking arm (see operating instructions). Inspect the chamber to be sure its empty and the barrel is free of any obstruction. Treat every gun as it it were loaded, even after you have personally checked it ... all the time.
aim at people and do not handle this gun carelessly, regardless of whether it is loaded, or, as you may THINK, unloaded.
Never forget that even the safest weapon can be dangerous for you and for other persons if not handled correctly.
Never rely on a gun's "safety" to protect you from unsafe gun handling. A safety is only a mechanical device, not a substitute for common sense. Be certain the gun is unloaded before cleaning. Always empty guns before entering a house, car, truck, boat, RV, ramp or any building. Do not leave your gun loaded.
Never pull a gun towards you by the muzzle. Don't climb a tree or cross a fence or ditch with a loaded gun. Load and unload with the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. Always store guns and ammunition in separate locked cabinets and beyond the reach of children.
Never leave your gun unattended. When receiving a gun always open the action and check that it's unloaded.
put your hand over the muzzle of a gun.
Keep your finger 'off' the trigger until you are actually aiming at the target ready to shoot. Be sure of your target and backstop before ynii shoot. Ask yourself what your bullet will hit if it misses the target. Never shoot at hard flat surfaces or water ... bullets will ricochet.
Never put aside the gun with cocked action. Guns and alcohol or drugs don't mix. Don't take them before or during shooting activities.
Never use force when using, stripping or assembling the weapon.
Only perfect working weapons can be safe weapons. Always use ear protectors and shooting glasses. Have your gun always inspected by a qualified gunsmith if it has suffered from corrosion, dropping or other external damage. Incorrect handling and lack of maintenance will impair the function and safety of the weapon. Inspect the barrel for an obstruction. It must be always cleaned.
Warranty Claims: the manufacturers of weapons are dispensed from liability for all claims resulting from unauthorized tampering with any mechanism, damage caused by using force, or modifications made by third parties. All work on weapons must be done by authorized gunsmiths only.
Never put aside the gun loaded. Avoid dry firing in order to prevent wear or breaking of parts.
Attention: Even the best and safest gun can be dangerous for you and others if it is used the wrong way.
Never leave a gun where it could fall and fire. Check ammo to be sure it is right size and caliber.
Spectators should be at least 10 feet behind and away from the shooter while loading, firing and unloading. Load the gun only when on the range preparing to fire, and unload it before leaving the range.
Never carry any handgun in your pocket, purse ot tucked in a belt or waistband. Use a pistol case or a proper holster with safety flap or strap. Don't try to change your gun's trigger pull, because alterations of trigger pull usually affect sear engagenwnt and may cause accidental firing. Many ammunition identifications sound similar. Make sure you do not use wrong size ammo in your gun. Most birds are completely protected by Law. It is sometimes thought that those birds which are often called "vermin" can be killed at any time by any one. This ist not so. Birds which are regarded as pests - (Sparrows, Starlings etc.) may only be killed by what the Law calls - "an authorized person" - that is, the person who shoots at such a bird in a public place, will commit offences against the Firmearms Act for having an Air Gun, and also against the Law on the Protection of Birds, by killing, or even trying to kill a wild bird, when he is not an "authorized person". We do not warrant for injury caused by abuse. Make sure that this instruction manuel is kept with the dun. It should accompany the gun if it was ever sold, loaned or otherwise given away to any other person.
If you have any question referring to this gun and to gun handling, please contact us. We shall be glad to give you further advice.

This Pistol can be operated at two different velocity levels:
Position 1: Low velocity
Position 2: High velocity
(in cal. .22" you can only cock to position 2)

Cocking the Pistol:
-apply safety catch
-cock the hammer to release cocking arm
-lift cocking arm
-cock Pistol to preferred position 1 or 2
-load pellet in barrel, close cocking arm, and ensure snap retention by hammer
-the Pistol is now ready to fire but ensure that the saf ety catch continues to be applied until firing commences.
Position 1: low velocity,
ideally suited for target work, and possible indoor use. Satisfy yourself f irst that all safety requirements are complied with.
Position 2: high velocity
designed for outdoor use, - hunting, plinking, and other applications where maximum power is required i.e. long range shooting.
Loading the Pistol:
It is suggested that the Pistol should be loaded with the side of the action facing the shooter, rather than with the barrel pointing downwards. Should the pellet be improperly loaded, it will then fall clear of the action.
As a matter of routine procedure, always ensure that the Pistol is pointing in a safe direction. The safety catch is NOT automatic, therefore, make certain it is applied until firing commences. As a further safety measure, the cocking lever is disconnected from the trigger during cocking, and the Pistol will only fire once the cocking lever is snapped shut and the safety catch released.

The trigger pull can be adjusted individually:
a) adjustment of the trigger slack
- shorter: turn to right
- longer: turn to left
b) adjustment of the letoff point
- hard: turn to right
- soft: turn to left

This air pistol is - like high quality competition guns - fitted with an adjustable rear sight:

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