Date: 26/9/2020 11:5



This is an air Pistol. It is powered by compressed CO2 in the cylinder located in the grip. Avoid leaving the Pistol with compressed CO2 for extended periods.

External Control Parts:
l. The Trigger is used for discharging the compressed CO2 so as to expel the BB.
2.The Barrel of your air Pistol is made of steel and has groove rifling. Never put the barrel in a position where it could be bent or damaged. A bent barrel will lead to accuracy problems or could even lead to a BB being stuck in the barrel. After shooting, always clean the barrel with a light oil.
3.The Sights on your air Pistol are designed for accuracy. The rear sight is drift adjustable.
4.The Magazine is located inside the grip and is released with the magazine release, capacity one C02 cylinder and 13 BBs. (See fig. 4)
5.The CO2 Cylinder is located in the magazine and is used to pressurize the pistol.
6.The Slide Safety is located on the left hand side of the slide, blocks movement of the firing pin, blocks the pistol if it is cocked, blocks the trigger mechanism, locks the slide and is a rotating lever type. When the safety lever is up or inline with the barrel the safety is activated when it is down the safety is not activated.
7.The BB Loading Pusher located on the front side of the magazine moves back to load BBs and returns by spring pressure upward.
8. The Magazine Release located on the bottom of the grip and pushed back will release the magazine. (See fig. 8)

9.The Slide Stop is located on the left-hand side of the pistol and is used for locking the slide to the rearward position. (See fig. 9)

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