Date: 3/12/2020 15:12

Makarov Air Pistol | Charging


A. Make sure that the air Pistol is pointed in a safe direction and the slide safety is on (firing pin blocked) and your fingers are away from the trigger. Remove the magazine by depressing magazine release and remove the magazine in a downward direction.
B. Warning: Before you perform this step make sure that if there is a CO2 cylinder in the frame that all the pressure has been released, please wear eye protection during this operation. At the bottom of the magazine you will find a sling swivel. Slowly turn the swivel counter clockwise one turn and move the cylinder to make sure there is no pressure in the cylinder. Then continue to turn the sling swivel until the cylinder holding cup is resting against the bottom of the magazine.
C.If there is a cylinder in the magazine remove it. Now visually inspect the o-ring that is in the gas chamber which is at the top of the magazine, make sure the o- ring is not deformed (if it is replace it).
D.Take a new cylinder and insert the neck into the gas chamber and align the round base with the cylinder holding cup. (See fig. D)

E.While holding the cylinder in the gas chamber and in line with the cylinder holding cup screw the sling swivel clockwise until the metal tube inside the gas chamber has punctured the CO2 cylinder. Be careful during this step because pressure will leak out when the metal tube breaks the seal on the cylinder surface. We suggest you wear eye protection during this operation. Tighten the swivel briskly until you no longer hear the gas escaping from the gas chamber seal. (See fig. E)

F.Re-insert the magazine to pressurize the pistol

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