Date: 20/5/2019 13:31

Makarov Air Pistol. Safety


      If a BB is in the chamber and the Pistol has pressurized CO2 cartridge, this Pistol can be fired. Always treat your air Pistol as if it is loaded.
        Always point the muzzle of any air Pistol in a safe direction whether the Pistol is loaded or unloaded.
          Do not put hands over the muzzle under any circumstances.
            Only use .1 77/ 4.5mm BBs manufactured to industry standards. If the BB does not go into the chamber, don't force it - there is a reason - determine the reason before continuing.
              Never alter your air Pistol or allow anyone not connected with or authorized to represent the manufacturer to modify, change, or adjust any of the working parts of your air Pistol .
                Learn to regularly clean and inspect your air Pistol.
                  Wear eye protection whenever you shoot your Pistol or when around others using air Pistols. You only get one set of eyes.
                    This air Pistol is extremely powerful and is not designed for the beginner. This class of air Pistol is intended for use by experienced adult shooters.

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