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Marui M4A1 Carbine Owner's Manual. ADJUSTMENTS

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  • Setting the Open Sight:
  • Use the following diagrams to adjust the Open Sight:
    This includes the Front Sight and 3 Rear Sights.

    Front Sight
    : Setting the bullet hitting point.

    Rear Sight 1: For left-right adjustment.

    Rear Sight 2: For precision targeting.

    Rear Sight 3: For For up-down adjustment.

    CAUTION: Be sure not to lose the adjustment tool.
    CAUTION: Tokyo Marui's M4A1 rear sight is designed as close to the real thing as possible. But, of course, the ranging will differ from the actual M4A1. Please refer to[firing] and[variable hop up system] for directions. The explanation is for the actual M16A2 rear sight. Use for (Tokyo) Marui's air gun will vary.

  • Using the Carrying Handle:
  • Loosen the interface knob and remove the Carrying Handle as shown. (Scopes can also be attached to the Mount rail.)
    CAUTION: Make sure the Interface Knob on the Carrying Handle is secured to ensure it doesn't drop off the gun.

  • Moveable Parts :
  • -Hop Up Adjustment:
    Pulling the charging handle will expose the Hop Up Adjustment dial in the port cover:

    CAUTION: Forcing the port cover closed when the charging handle is not properly in place will damage it.
    adjust the as instructed below:

    -Be careful not to catch your finger in the dummy bolt as it will close quickly when the release handle is released.
    -When closing the port cover, make sure the charging handle has returned fully into position, otherwise the port cover will not close.

    -Retractable Stock:
    There are three steps involved in using the retractable stock.

    1. Push the Release lever to unlock.

    2. Pull.

    3. The stock will stop at the first position if it is pulled without pushing in the Release Lever. Use the most comfortable position.

    These steps are depicted below:

    -Tactical Slide Sling Adapter:
    Adjust as instructed below:

    Tools will be necessary:

    -When using a tool, please watch your hand.
    -Don't disassemble beyond what is necessary or the gun may be damaged.

  • Variable Hop Up System :
  • By producing a back-spin on the BB bullets, this system allows for straighter and longer distance shooting than normal air guns. Unlike the fixed type, the Marui variable hop up system permits one-touch adjustments using the dial and lever, making it an ideal ho up system.
    -Be careful not to catch your finger in the dummy bolt.

      Adjustment Procedure: Adjustment by carrying out trial firing, referring to [firing]
    CAUTION: If the hop-up is adjusted excessively causing clogged bullets, immediately stop operating the gun, return the dial to Normal, fire 2 or 3 shots and readjust.

    -While pulling the charging handle, Gradually move the adjustment dial towards the front to apply hop-up. (The best setting is when BB bullets fly horizontally.)

    - Turning excessively adversely affects the trajectory. So, stop turning the dial when bullets fly horizontally.

    -The hop up dial can only be turned a certain amount. Turning it too much will damage it.

    The best position is where the bullets fly horizontally, and the longest flying distance is obtained.
    CAUTION: Since a precision tight barrel is used, use of dirty bullets or those with burrs causes clogging of bullets and possible fatal damage to the mechanical box and system.

    -Never hold the gun sideways as the bullets will curve right or left. This is due to the HOP-UP system.

    Construction Diagram:

    Operational Cautions:
    -Turning the hop dial excessively causes clogging of bullets. Keep pulling the trigger with bullets being clogged damages the piston and gears.
    -If the bullet clogging occurs, immediately stop firing the gun, return the hop dial to the Normal position and remove clogging bullets using the cleaning rod. Refer to [disassembly] and [removing clogged bullets].
    -Make sure to return the hop dial to the Normal position when removing clogged bullets or cleaning. (Otherwise, the chamber packaging is damaged.)
    -Never use used and dirty bullets. (Otherwise, the chamber becomes dirty, resulting in instable hopping up)
    -When about 10, 000 rounds are fired, spray silcone oil to the chamber for .5 to 1 sec. Refer to [firing] and [maintenance when bullet speed becomes low]
    -We shall not be responsible for any damage or accidents arising from wrong operation, disassembly and modification of the air gun. Any costs for repair of such damage shall be paid by the user.

    If Hopping Up is improper try Hop Up System Troubleshooting

  • Installing the Full-Auto Tracer:
  • Read the instructions below when you want to install the optional full auto tracer.

    1. Loosen the set screw located at the compensator using a hexagonal wrench.

    2. Remove the compensator.

    3. Remove the silencer lid and tighten the screws for (1) muzzle guide and (2) coupler in this order.
    CAUTION: Be careful not to use excessive force when tightening the set screw, to avoid damage of the screw thread.

    4. Fix four 2x10 pan head screws.

    5. Install the tracer.

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