Date: 19/6/2019 18:8

Marui M4A1 Carbine Owner's Manual. WARNINGS

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Overall Warnings:

  • -This airgun is capable of shooting 6mm diameter, plastic BB bullets by 50 to 60 meters. Operate the airgun under consideration of the performance and with consideration to safety.
  • -During a game, always pay attention that persons without wearing goggles or third persons non members of the game are not within estimated dangerous zone.
  • -Never direct the muzzle towards items subject to damage (glass, lamp, household apparatus, tableware, furniture, car, gas bomb, etc.)
  • -Never insert foreign matter other than BB bullets into the magazine gun barrel.
  • -Because of the design of the airgun, there are place subject to entanglement of your fingers. Pay attention not to entangle your fingers when operating the sliding type stock (expand type stock), the stock of folding stock or opening/closing the ejection port.
  • -The airgun must not be operated after drinking to avoid possible danger.
  • -Avoid storing the air gun at places subject to drop or falling down. Always store it at places out of reach by children and after attaching the protective plug to the muzzle and putting it in a package, case or bag.
  • -If you loose the protective plug, contact us for a replacement part at cost. Make sure to inform us of the model of your air gun.
  • -Make sure to store the owners manual at a safe place.
  • -Observe warnings and cautions of the manual for the battery exclusively used for this air gun. Never short circuit the battery intentionally to avoid firing or explosion.
  • -Always use the exclusive battery charger when charging the battery.
  • -Malfunctions of the motor, battery and switches will occur if you drop the gun into water or apply a large amount of water to it, causing faulty operation. In such an even, immediately stop operating the gun, remove the battery and consult, our after service dept.
  • -When no bullets are shot out while the trigger is operated correctly as instructed in the owners manual and malfunctions caused by expiration of the product life or drop of the gun occur, never attempt to repair our gun by yourself, but to take/contact your dealer or our after-service department.
  • -Our exclusive optional parts can be installed to the electrical air gun. Carefully read the respective instruction sheets provided with options.
  • -For this air gun, consumable parts must be replaced after normal operation of about 30,000. Operation after expiration of parts lives causes malfunctions and danger because of faulty operation. Consult our after-service department for overhaul maintenance.
  • -This airgun is manufactured under the consideration of appropriate performance and operability. Disassembling or modifying the gun may generate danger or adversely affect the performance. So, avoid disassembling or modifying the gun.

Basic Safety Warnings:

  • -Keep the gun out of reach of children.
  • -Never point or shoot the airgun at a person or animal.
  • -Always wear safety goggles when using this airgun.
  • -Always direct the muzzle in a safe direction
  • -BB bullets may be shot out even if the magazine is removed.
  • -Always keep the selector lever in the Safety position.
  • -Always attach the protective plug to the gun muzzle.
  • -You may be punished if shooting for a practical joke.
  • -Never look into the muzzle.
  • -Avoid pulling the trigger carelessly.
  • -Never shoot the airgun in public places.
  • -Always put the gun in a case or bag when you are carrying it.

Main | Diagram | Component Diagram | Operating | Loading | Warnings | Adjustments | Battery | Maintenance