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MP-512M Owner's manual


Mechanical system Break action air rifles
Caliber .177 (4.5 MM) .22 (5.5 MM)
Trigger pull 2.0-5.0 kgf
Total length 1050 MM
Weight, approx., 2.8 kg
Barrel length 450 MM


1. The pellet is propelled out of the barrel under the action of compressed air inside the cylinder by the fast-acting piston which is actuated by the spring.
2. The rear-sight allows firing to be adjusted for elevation and windage using adjusting screws. By sliding the rear notch plate relative to the frame you may make coarse windage elevation.
3. The stock is made of wood or plastics.
4. The automatic safety ensures safe rifle handling.
5. The rifle version equipped with a mounting base for a telescopic sight comes complete with a muzzle device. This muzzle device replaces the front sight to mount the telescopic sight.


1. Though the rifle you use has various safeties, it may become dangerous, if you handle it carelessly. So it is recommended to follow all safety instructions closely. Remember, ignorance of safety rule may lead to tragically results.
2. Choosing the direction for firing, remember, the rifle is dangerous at a distance up to 200 m.
3. When using the rifle:
- never point your rifle (loaded or unloaded) at people;
- do not keep or leave the rifle loaded;
- never push on the safety button and pull the trigger at the same time if the barrel is open after putting the piston on cock;
- use only the pellets intended for pneumatic weapon;
- do not use any lead pellets repeatedly.
4. After-firing, make sure that the barrel is empty. If there is a pellet in the barrel, shoot in a target direction.


1. To prepare the rifle for operation:
- remove a preservative grease out of the barrel bore and outer surfaces of the rifle;
- examine outer rifle surfaces to ensure the absence of cracks and breakage.
2. To prepare the rifle for firing:
a) hold the stock grip with one hand while pressing the barrel with the second hand;
b) turn the barrel to the extreme rear position against the mainspring force, the piston will be engaged;
c) place a pellet into the rifle barrel bore;
d) turn the barrel until it locks in its initial position;
e) pull up the safety slide.
3. To set the rifle in the safe position with the piston engaged and the safety turned off, while not producing a shot, you should open the barrel, turn it, then lock in its horizontal position again.
4. While operating the rifle, follow the instructions indicated in the section "Safety Precautions" closely.


1. To extend the rifle service life, follow the instructions below:
a) do not fire the rifle in dry, i.e. without pellets in the barrel;
b) do not fire other ammunition not intended for air weapon.
2. Disassemble the rifle only for preventive inspection and repair. Disassembling procedure is as follows:
a) unscrew the stock screws and detach the stock.
b) knock out the housing pin 9;
c) rest the rifle with the receiver 5 rear end on a support and carefully turn the trigger housing making a locking pin to go out of the receiver recess. Detach the trigger housing against the action of the mainspring spring 7.
Note - Do not disassemble the rifle holding the receiver suspended, otherwise the trigger housing thrown out by the spring abruptly may hurt you seriously.
d) remove the mainspring and the piston 6;
e) turn the barrel through some angle and remove the barrel pin 3;
f) detach the barrel together with the cocking lever 15 and the hinge 17 from the receiver.
3. Reassemble the rifle in the reverse order.
4. In reassembling take care not to damage the collar against the receiver slot.
5. Lubricate the collars with a gun grease and clean the barrel bore every 1500-2000 shots to ensure stable pellet velocity.
6. If the pellet penetrating capacity becomes low as a result of pellet velocity lowering, replace the collar 16.
7. If in firing a leakage is located between the breech and the receiver, turn the barrel gasket 4 over.
8. If the pellet velocity becomes low with good seals of the piston and barrel, replace the mainspring.
9. Keep the rifle with piston disengaged to avoid slackening of the spring.
10. Apply a thin coat of gun grease on metal rifle parts, if the rifle is placed for a long-term storage.
11. Tighten stock screws when required.
1 - Barrel; 2 - Rear sight; 3 - Barrel pin; 4 - Barrel gasket; 5 - Receiver; 6 - Piston; 7 - Mainspring; 8 - Trigger housing; 9 - Trigger housing pin; 10 - Stock; 11 - Stock screw rear; 12 - Trigger; 13 - Sear; 14 - Locking lever; 15 - Cocking lever; 16 - Collar; 17 - Hinge; 18 - Wedge; 19 - Self-releasing latch; 20 - Self-releasing latch spring; 21 - Hinge pin; 22 - Front sight base; 23 - Front sight; 24 - Front sight base nut.

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