Date: 18/1/2021 18:16

Walther P99 Airsoft manual. Safety

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Safe handling of your pistol
It is your responsibility to be familiar with the safe and correct use of your pistol.

  • Always handle your pistol as if is loaded.
  • When loading your pistol, insure that the safety is ON, and do not put your finger near the trigger.
  • Use only the recommended Pellets and CO2 cartridges.
  • Always point the muzzle in a safe direction.
  • Remember that this is a high efficiency pistol capable of propelling a pellet over 400 yards.
  • Always check a gun to see if it is loaded when removed from storage or received from another person.
  • Never transport your pistol when loaded.
  • Do not aim at people or pets. Never shoot at a hard surface or water.
  • Be sure that your target and backstop are safe.
  • Make sure you can control the direction of the muzzle if you stumble or fall.
  • Unload your airgun before giving it to another person.
  • Always wear shooting glasses when shooting your pistol.
  • Always store your pistol in a secure location out of the reach of children or unskilled users.
  • Store your pellets and C& cartridges in a separate location.
  • When transferring this pistol be sure to include this instruction manual.
  • Repairs to this pistol should only be done by Walther authorized service.
  • Never leave a loaded gun unattended.
Main  |   Loading  |   Firing  |   Safety