Date: 4/12/2020 10:2


Insertion and change of the CO2-cylinder

Make sure that the safety is engaged and that the gun is pointed in a safe direction when stabbing the gas cylinder.
Note: Only CO2-cylinders which contain 12g of CO2 are to be used, never use any other gasses!
We recommend to sole use of CO2-cylinders from Walther.
A.Lift off the left grip as shown in fig. 2.
B.Turn the cylinder retention screw all the way down and insert the gas cylinder with the bottom end first into the grip (fig. 3). Tighten the cylinder retention screw until you can feel a resistance. Caution! Do not overturn the cylinder retention screw!
Attention! Never use force to insert a gas cylinder. If the weapon is to be stored for some time remove the gas cylinder in order to relieve the valve.
Caution: Keep hands and faces well away from the gas cylinder. Escaping gas may cause injuries through freezing.
Gas cylinders may explode if exposed to temperatures exceeding 50' C. Do not destroy or burn gas cylinders. Do not expose cylinders to heat or store them at temperatures exceeding 50' C. Never try to use used gas cylinders for other purposes. Never leave gas cylinders exposed to direct sunlight in your car.
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