Date: 27/1/2021 21:31

PPK/S: Field stripping

Engage the safety and remove the magazine. Swing down the trigger guard and hold it in this position. Pull slide back, lift it up and remove it to the front. Assembly of the pistol is in reverse order. Make sure that the main spring is assembled in the right way, the side with the narrow coils is to be put onto the barrel (fig.7).
As of January 2005, per Crosman request Umarex started putting pins that go across the trigger guard thus preventing you from easily disassembling the air pistol. This was done becaue thousands of these were (and currently are) sold at Walmart. Inexperienced customers would take their PPK's apart and could not put them together (lots of returns for perfectly fine guns). Well, you can still do take the gun a part but you would first have to push the pin out of the trigger guard. You cannot do it with bare hands (would need a tool). Removal of the pin will voids the warranty.