Date: 23/1/2021 3:15

PPK/S: Firing

Push the safety lever to its upper position.Caution, the weapon is now ready to fire.
After every shot, the hammer is cocked by the movement of the slide. After the last BB has been fired,the slide rests in its rear position. To continue with shooting, engage the safety and reload the magazine in the described way. To finish shooting, engage the safety, remove the magazine and pull the slide rearward (fig. 6), then allow the slide to move forward. To decock the weapon, hold the hammer with your thumb, pull the trigger and gently allow the hammer to move forward.
Caution!Danger of freezing!
Rapid firing leads to a drop of temperature inside the weapon and also inside the gas cylinder. This reduces the speed of the projectiles and may also cause malfunctions. Allow the weapon to rest until the gas cylinder has acquired room temperature.
Caution! Never leave a loaded weapon unattended!
Never try to clean a weapon the safety of which has not previously been engaged. Do not clean a loaded gun, always remove gas cylinder before cleaning. Check that the barrel is clear and that there is no pellet left in it.

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