Date: 20/5/2019 23:38

Gamo R-77 air pistol manual

This revolver is a "double action" revolver. That means it can be fired by either simply pulling the trigger or by cocking the hammer and then pulling the trigger. The trigger pull is much longer and heavier firing double action. This longer heavier trigger pull serves as an additional safety.
1. Double Action:
To fire double action, face your target and
push the safety "OFF'. Aim the revolver at
our target and squeeze the trigger.
2. Single Action:
To fire single action, face your target and
push the safety "OFF'. Cock the hammer
by drawing it back with your thumb. Aim
the revolver at your target and squeeze the
Gamo R77
CAUTION: If a pellet becomes lodged between the barrel and cylinder, do not attempt to force the cylinder open or damage to your revolver will result.
From time to time low gas pressure may result in a pellet becoming stuck between the barrel and cylindel If this occurs, place the safety "ON", unscrew the cylinder retaining screw and pry the right side pistol grip loose with a coin. The gas cylinder will then fall out. Next, place a. 177 caliber cleaning rod down the bore from the muzzle and push the pellet back into the cylinder. Then open the cylinder and push all pellets out with the cleaning rod. Refer to the instructions for "INSERTION OF CO2 CYLINDER" to put your GAMO revolver back in operation.

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