Date: 6/8/2020 12:38

Gamo R-77 air pistol manual. LOADING RULES

CAUTION: Do not attempt to open or close the cylinder with the hammer back or your revolver will be seriously damaged and malfunction.
The revolver is loaded by placing the safety "ON" and then opening the cylinder by moving the cylinder catch forward. The cylinder catch is the button located below the barrel on the left side of the revolver.
With the revolver in our right hand, move the cylinder catch forward with your left thumb and press the cylinder toward you with the fingers of your left hand.
Holding the muzzle toward the ground, look down through the chambers and make sure they are free of obstructions.
WARNING: Before loading and firing your revolver for the first time, pass a cleaning rod through the bore to make sure it is free of obstructions.
To load, place one pellet in each chamber with the skirt toward you. You can load between one and 8 pellets, one per chamber. Then close the cylinder by pressing it away from you and into the frame.


WARNING: Make sure your revolver is unloaded before removing or inserting the CO2 cylinder to avoid accidental discharge and injury.
WARNING: Wear protective glasses when handling the gas cylinder or eye injuries may result.
WARNING: Do not remove the gas cylinder until it is empty or explosion may result.

With the safety "ON" and the revolver unloaded unscrew the cylinder retaining screw at the base of the pistol grip. To remove the empty cylinder pry the right grip loose using a coin in the slot at the base of the grip. The empty cylinder will then fall out. To insert a new cylinder of gas, make certain the safety is "ON" and the revolver is unloaded. Place the cylinder in the empty pistol grip with the tip of the cylinder pointing up toward the hammer .
Warning:Inserting the gas cylinder with the tip pointing toward the base of the pistol grip may result in explosion and injury.
Replace the right pistol grip by snapping it in place. Tighten the cylinder retaining screw by turning it clockwise until it stops. Once the gas cylinder tip is pierced, the revolver is ready to load and fire.
Danger:Keep the CO2 cylinder away from heat and flames. Temperatures over 50'C (120'F) will result in explosion and injury. Never throw a CO2 cylinder into a fire.

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