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Crossman Benjamin Owner's Manual. Operating

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Parts of the Air Rifle

Operating the Safety
To Put the Air Rifle "ON SAFE"
  • Locate the safety on top of the receiver.
  • The safety will be automatically placed in the "On Safe" position after the air rifle has been cocked. The safety is not "On Safe" unless it is pushed all the way back towards the butt of the stock and the RED dot on the safety is not showing. The air rifle will not fire when "On Safe."
  • Even when the safety is "On Safe," you should continue to handle the air rifle safely. Do not ever point the air rifle at any person.
To Take the Air Rifle "OFF SAFE"
  • The air rifle is ready to fire when cocked and in the "Off Safe" position.
  • Push the safety all the way forward towards the barrel. When you can see the RED ring around the safety, the air rifle is "Off Safe" and can be fired.

Cocking Your Air Rifle
  • Brace the butt of the air rifle against your leg.
  • Grasp the air rifle by the pistol grip with one hand and place the other hand around the barrel (Fig 3).
  • Pull the barrel downward to the stop. Do not pull past this point and do not use excessive force or speed when cocking your air rifle. Be careful not to pinch your hands or fingers in the hindge area of the air rifle.
  • NOTE: Cocking the air rifle automatically pushes the safety to the "On Safe" position. Once the air rifle is cocked, you will notice that a red dot appears in the "oiling hole;" this red dot indicates that the air rifle has been cocked.

Main  |   Operating  |   Loading  |   Firing  |   Adjustments  |   Safety