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Air Arms S410 Owner's Manual. Operating

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  • Hold securely in one hand and with the other turn the loading bolt and pull backwards until the first restriction is felt. Pull back further until the trigger mechanism engages. This can be determined by the trigger blade "kicking" forward at the end of the cocking stroke.
  • If the bolt is gripped as in the illustration with the thumb on the other side of the bolt knob, the cocking action is much smoother.

  • Note! It is very important that the loading bolt is pulled back to the correct position in one positive motion. The magazine indexes to the next pellet position as the bolt is retracted and it is possible for a partial index if the bolt is not pulled back fully.
  • If you find the mechanism has not cocked completely but the magazine has indexed, re-cock but before closing the bolt, remove the magazine and manually index it back to the empty chamber. Replace the magazine and fire as normal. If this procedure is not followed it is likely that you will load a second pellet into the barrel.

Filling Instructions
NOTE! Only use clean, filtered and dry compressed air. Over Pressurisation will damage teh cylinder beyond repair!
  • Remove end cap by turning counterclockwise.
  • If the cylinder is empty, cock the mechanism as described above.
  • Check that the bleed valve is closed. Turn clockwise to close (See #3).
  • Pull the release ring back on the female connector and push it onto the male connector fitted to the rifle (See #4).
  • Slowly open the main valve by turning it counterclockwise and observe the pressure gauge. When the correct filling pressure is observed (see below) close the main valve by turning it clockwise. Be very careful not to allow the pressure in both cylinders to equalise if the decanting cylinder has more pressure than the rifle cylinder. NOTE: at least 50 Bar (725psi) is required in the cylinder before the firing valve fully seals. Air may escape from the barrel until this pressure is reached.
  • Open bleed valve by turning it counterclockwise to release the air from the connecting hose.
  • Pull back the release ring on the female connector and remove from male connector.
  • Replace end cap but do not over tighten.

Warning note concerning 300 Bar bottles
With the advent of the 300 bar bottle it should be noted that more care needs to be taken when filling your rifle. The filling procedure described in this manual must be followed, particularly the slow opening of the valve on the bottle. Opening the valve quickly and/or allowing the filling bottle and cylinder to equalise to greater than 190bar could result in serious personal injury to yourself or any bystander and/or irreparable damage to the cylinder.

The S400 has a pressure indicator mounted under the stock fore end. This provides a visual check on the amount of remaining air in the cylinder. There are two types of gauge that may be fitted. One has colour graduations and the other has numeric. In both cases, the graduation indicates 0 to 250 bar. DO NOT fill to the required pressure by watching this indicator. The needle reaction speed has been slowed to prevent damage while filling and takes time to synchronise to the actual pressure in the cylinder.
In the interests of safety the rifle cylinder has a blow-out device that operates at approximately 250 bar. Once operated (Indicated by deformation of the cylinder end) the cylinder is beyond further use and must be replaced.

Filling Pressures:
4.5mm/.177 cal 200 BAR
5.5mm/.22 cal 200 BAR
NOTE! Filling to higher pressures will NOT increase power and may prevent operation completely or cause cylinder damage. Filling to lower pressures will not reduce power, only the number of shots.

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