Date: 31/10/2020 1:11

Schmeisser MP40 Owner's Manual


Power source Battery Powered
Caliber/Ammunition 6mm Round BBs
Magazine capacity 55 BBs
Total length 24 inches (61.0 cm)
Weight 7.28 lbs. (3.30 kg)
Velocity 280 fps w/ 0.25g BBs
320 fps w/ 0.20g BBs
Scale 1:1


-Store the gun unloaded and do not look down the barrell.
-Treat the gun as if it were loaded.
-Never aim at a person.
-Do not shoot at fragil objects.
-Be careful to avoid rebounding.
-Keep out of reach of children.
-Store with magazine removed, and the safety in locked position.


1. Push on the release (1) and slide the magazine out of receptacle (2).

2. Load the magazine with the Speed Loader provided in the box.

3. Insert magazine in receptacle.

4,5,6,7. Pull on the release as shown on picture (4) and detach the front part of the gun (5- 6) to reach the step shown on picture (7)

8,9. Insert charged battery as shown in picture (1) and plug connector (2). Battery, wires, and connectors must be inserted as shown in picture.

10,11,12,13. Slide front part back in place. Take care to perfectly align part shown in pict (1) and slide shown on pict (2). Once the front part is in place, take care to lock it by pushing fully the release as shown on pict (4).

14,15. To start shooting, aim at a target, put the selector on one of two positions (Semi or Full Auto).

16. Pull the trigger.

17,18. Access the Hop Up system by pulling on the charging handle as shown on picture (1). Move the cursor on the other side to adjust firing system, picture (2). Adjust according the weight of BBs used.

19,20. To unfold and fold the stock, press on release button as shown in pictures.

21. Once finished shooting, put the safety as shown. Make sure the rifle is stored empty of any ammunition, magazine removed.