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Webley Riflescope

CONGRATULATIONS on selecting the Webley Riflescope featuring the popular. constantly centered reticle. With careful mounting and reasonable care, it will give you years of shooting pleasure.


Your Webley Rifiescope features a fixed reticle, one that always appears centered in the field of view. Because this constantly centered reticle gives no indication of misalignment in mounting, care should be taken in mounting and boresighting to ensure that the optical axis is aligned to the rifle bore. It will not then be necessary to make gross adjustments with windage and elevation dials. Mounting is best done by a skilled gunsmith.All Webley RifiescoDes take 1" diameter rings and almost any top or side mount can be used. All burrs should be removed from the inside of rings to prevent any scratching of body tube as scope is moved about in rings to adjust for proper eye relief and perpendicularity of reticle. Your Webley Rifiescape has been precisely factory adjusted to be free of parallax at 100 yards. Though no riflescope can be parallax-free at all distances, the amount of parallax at distances other than that for which it was corrected is negligible under hunting conditions.  


As mentioned above. the optical axis of your Webley Rifiescope is precisely centered in the scope tube at the factory to assure maximum adjustment travel for sighting-in. However, this careful adjustment might have been changed if adjustment dials have been turned after shipment from the factory. Therefore, it is wise to check center of optical axis before mounting. Do this by placing scope in a solid V-block. While looking through scope in normal viewing position carefully rotate scope in V-block. If target moves in a circle larger than B" from center (at 100 yards) in relation to intersection of crosshairs, turn windage and elevation Austment "s until circle is less than 8" from center.


Look through scope with eyepiece about 31/2" from your eye. Focus by loosening knt!rled lock- ring and rotating the eyepiece until reticle appears clearest. . . blackest to the glance. When focus is most comfortable to your eyes, lock this adjustment by screwing knurled lockring firmly against eyepiece.


Mount Scope on gtin with desired rings and bases. If a Variable, set at highest power.Bore-sigbt by using a bore-sighting collimator, if possible. If not available, bore-sight by sighting through gun barrel at 100-yard target. Then sight through scope and bring crossbars to same point on target. Necessary horizontal and elevation ad- justments are made using the windage and elevat- ion dials on scope.


The click adjustment of both windage and eleva- tion dials allows the shooter to make very small corrections for pin-point accuracy. Remove the protective cover caps. Indicated on the dial under each cap is the amount of adjustment per click. Use coin or screwdriver to turn dials.
Adjustment example: When one click equals 1/2' at 100 yards ... if your first zeroing-in group is 4' below and 2" to the right of point of aim on a 100-yard target, adjust elevation (top dial) 8 clicks counter-clockwise and windage (side dial) 4 clicks clockwise. Continue adjusting after firing each group until bullet hits desired point.
When your riflescope is properly sighted-in, be sure the protective cover caps are replaced and locked securely against the neoprene gasket- this forms a seal.


The optical system of your Webley Rifiescope is 100% hard magnesium fluoride coated for highest light-transmission. As with any optical coating, special care must be taken in cleaning the lenses. Use soft tissue or approved lens cloth. Moisten surface of lens by breathing on it and wipe dry lightly, using a minimum number of strokes. The wiping material may be slightly dampened with a lens cleaning fluid such as sold in any camera store.
CAUTION: Never disassemble lenses. A sealing compound has been applied between lens and cell;removal of lens from the cell will destroy this seal. Never allow moisture to remain on lens; it will leave a permanent stain. Any scratches on the tube can be touched up with semi-lustre black lacquer.

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