Date: 26/9/2020 11:19

Webley Silver

Telescopic Sight


If two piece mounts are used ensure that each mount is positioned as far away from each other as the sight and receiver grooves allow. You may wish to remove your rifle's open sights for a clearer field of view. Remove top ring screws from upper section of mount(s) and remove top rings. Place telescopic sight into mount(s) and replace rings. Position scope centrally in mount(s) and tighten screws. Loosen dovetail clamp screws and slide mount(s) onto the rifle body receiver grooves. Tighten dovetail clamp screws sufficiently enough to hold mount(s) to the rifle but allowing some movement along the receiver grooves. Hold the rifle to your shoulder in the shooting position and slide the sight assembly along the receiver grooves until a full field of view is obtained. This is the point at which the correct eye relief is achieved. Tighten the clamp screws in this position. Verticall/Horizontal Adjustment:
Hold the rifle to your shoulder in the shooting position. The vertical cross hair should be perpen- dicular. If necessary loosen the top ring screws. Rotate the scope until correct alignment of cross hairs is achieved, retighten the top ring screws firmly.


In order to focus the sight look through the scope at a pale object such as a wall, sheet of paper or the sky. Undo the locking ring on the eyepiece and rotate eyepiece until image of reticle is sharp against the background. Lock eyepiece into place with the locking ring. Focus should be achieved at normal shooting ranges. Redlens scopes are parallax adjusted to 30 yards.


Windage (horizontal) and Elevation (vertical) adjustments are made using the dials located on the scope turrets. Remove the protective covers and use a coin or screwdriver to make the necessary adjustments. The elevation dial is located on top of the body tube and the windage dial is located on the right hand side of the body tube. Before adjusting sights, fire a group for zeroing purposes at the target, if necessary, turn the adjustment dials in the required direction to bring the next group towards the point of aim. Turning the elevation dial in the direction of the arrow raises the point of impact. Turning the windage dial in the direction of the arrow moves the point of impact to the left. After zeroing be sure to replace turret caps securely.


Your Webley Silver rifiescope has a specially coated objective lens to ensure a clear and precise image. Care must be taken when cleaning the lens Use an approved lens cloth or soft tissue, carefully moisten the lenses by breathing on them and wipe dry, immediately.