Date: 30/10/2020 9:11

DIABOLO SPEEDLOADER - quick pellet reloading for CO2 pistols

This DIABOLO SPEEDLOADER loads 56 common target pellets (wadcutter .177 caliber [4.5 mm]) simultaneously into 7 eight-shot cylinders (not included) for "UMAREX" and "Crosman" CO2 pistols. (e.g. CP88, Colt Government, CP99, C40 etc.).
An immense improvement and great time safer for CO2 marksmen. In addition, the potentially hazardous skin contact with the lead pellets is reduced to a minimum.

Please only use this speedloader for the purpose for which it was designed and only for the eight-shot cylinders of "UMAREX" and "Crosman". The manufacturer accepts no responsibility for damages resulting from improper use.

In order to load the 7 cylinders with suitable pellets, place the cylinders on the nipples of the basic plate "A" with the transport lock facing upwards - "Crosman" downwards.

Now, place the hole plate "B" on the basic plate "A" with the cylinders with the notches facing downwards so that the notches engage the lugs of the basic plate.

Then, place the loading ring "C" onto the hole plate.

Next, pour a sufficient amount of pellets from the can onto the hole plate and place the pellets in the provided holes by carefully shaking and circular movements. If some of the pellets slip into the holes with the skirt facing upwards, please turn these around manually.

When all holes are correctly filled, carefully remove the loading ring "C" and gently pour the excess pellets back into the can. During this, the basic plate "A" and hole plate "B" may not be separated from one another.

Now, place the press plate "D" onto the hole plate "B" so that the lug of the press plate fits into the pour opening.

Then, press all of the pellets into the cylinders with the palm of your hand with moderate pressure on press plate segment "D".


Finally, remove the press plate segment "D" and hole plate "B" and all of the cylinders are uniformly loaded and ready to shoot.

Product video

See the DIABOLO SPEEDLOADER in use in the following video.