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Using Compressed Air
  • The maximum charging pressure for the Techstar is 232 bar.
  • Only dry divers air should be used in this gun. Under no circumstances should Oxygen or any other gas be used to fill the rifle or air cylinder. This could result in a serious explosion.
  • High-pressure compressed air can be used safely on the Techstar provided strict safety practices are adhered to. The normal filling method is to transfer dry air from a large cylinder. Under no circumstances should a large cylinder be used without thorough training, preferably from an authorized centre when the equipment is purchased. A pressure gauge must be included in the charging set-up together with a hose bleed device.
  • If a hand pump is used the water trap must be opened at regular intervals during the pumping cycle. The internal bore of the rifle cylinder must be inspected for corrosion by a competent gunsmith at 12 month intervals.
  • Under no circumstances should the Techstar be filled with air when the rifle is in a partially disassembled state. Removing parts and then filling with air can be hazardous.
  • Do not use any grease or Lubricating Oil on the cylinder or connection except special Moykote 111 grease. Automotive grease or mineral oils and grease can cause an explosion if used with high-pressure air.
Method of Charging the Techstar
  • The rifle is supplied with a probe which is fitted with two O rings and this should be screwed on to the end of the hose attached to the large cylinder.
  • In the bore of the probe is fitted a throttle screw which acts as a safety device to restrict the air flow should an O ring fail on the probe.
  • CAUTION: This throttle screw must not be removed from the probe under any circumstances. It must be firmly screwed down when fitted to a large cylinder. However it can be slackened off if it is being used with a pump, to allow easier air flow.
  • The quick fill device is fitted on the front of the air cylinder. Unscrew the endcap, turning counterclockwise to reveal the quick-fill inlet.
  • If the Techstar's air cylinder is empty, first cock the rifle to prevent air excaping through the transfer port and the barrel. The probe can then be pushed into the hole in the body until it is fully inserted and positive resistance is felt.
  • CAUTION: Before inserting the probe into the rifle, the O rings on the probe sould be carefully examined and if any damage is evident the O rings must be changed before continuing.
  • The air can then be cautiously turned on and the rifle gradually filled.
  • At regular intervals the tap on the pressure cylinder should be closed and the indicated pressure on the pressure gauge noted. This pressure reading is the pressure in the hose and the pressure that has been reached in the rifle.
  • CAUTION: Do not over charge the rifle as this may be dangerous. Doing so will not give any better results and will damage the rifle.
  • When charging is completed, bleed the excess air from the hose and carefully remove the adaptor from the rifle.
  • Screw back on the endcap, to protect the quick fill inlet from dirt and damage.
  • Remember that your rifle may still be cocked and you are advised to de-cock it immediately for safety reasons.

Main  |   Operating  |   Loading  |   Firing  |   Adjustments  |   Safety

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